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I am a new graduate. I have being working for a community clinic for the last 3 months. We get a lot of patients that are in pain meds for example I had one today that needed refills on Ultram... Read More

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    If a patient is not happy with what is prescribed, the physician is at fault for not doing his job and being professional. Shameful to let him allow a patient to walk out and take out his anger on anybody else. I think it's a throwback to the days of 'Florence' to be treated with such disrespect.

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    Some people are going to be upset no matter what you do or what explanation you give them if they are not getting what they want. However, people might respond better if they are given a decent, clear explanation why they are not receiving a prescription for the medication they have been taking for the last seven years, etc. I think the patient deserves that.

    If he/she can't accept that then maybe it is time for them to seek their health care from another provider (I had to do that myself recently, but not for pain meds).
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    Did you try asking the MD for a specific answer on why he stopped the medication? Something a little more detailed than "I am uncomfortable with that drug." Make the doctor tell you what makes him uncomfortable with it, if the patient has been using it for long term therapy and hasn't had adverse effects yet. Does s/he think that the pain service can find a more effective therapy? How long will it be before the patient has access to the pain service? Ask the doctor if there is a way he can prescribe enough of the drug to last the patient until they can get to their appointment so the patient isn't left out to dry...
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