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Hello All, I graduate soon, May to be exact...excited. As a student nurse on my clinical floor I usually constantly ask my nurse or clinical instructor if I'm doing something right (not necessarily a lack of confidence,... Read More

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    I learned a long time ago not to take another person's word for anything--nurse, cna, dr., etc. I always do my own thorough assessment and check the chart, hanging IV's, equipment in the room, etc. I was burned at the beginning and it taught me a valuable lesson as well. I am happy this was not anything serious for you.

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    I think this could be the future considering all the fuss about Press-Gainey scores. The patient "prefers" applesauce with her meds even though is NPO. Nurses who know better let the patient have her way. Easier to go along to get along. I was taught back in the dark ages that NPO meant NPO. Checking if any of the meds were actually necessary prior to surgery, if so, you get a sip of water. I'll be happy to explain and teach why but patients can't always have what they prefer. Or you may not get your procedure today.
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    Interesting topic. I'm going to the press ganey seminar in may, maybe I'll bring this topic up. I think educating the patient why they must remain NPO is important. Simply stating they're doctor required it is not convincing to some patients.

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