Lazy and disrespectful Nursing Assistants - page 4

This is a vent post! I just can't hold it in any longer and had to vent somewhere so I figured maybe some of you can understand or offer suggestions. I work night shift on a medical transition... Read More

  1. by   RadiantLynneBSN
    " the educator is validating their complaints and saying things like " back when I was a nurse this was the nurses job and we didn't have NAs and nurses shouldn't be treating NAs like slaves" and says these things to the nurses at staff meetings with the NAs there. "

    The nurses forced to live out the good ole days of no NA's & RN's doing all the care (not w/todays complexity or case load) need to ban together ^ kindly reorient the Nurse Educator in that the chain of command and authority is not just for Nursing leadership but applies to delegation from Rns, Lpns, and CNAs.