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Okay, I'm just venting...not trying to cause trouble, judge or bash all PCA's (or CNA's) because not all of them are like the one I experienced over the weekend. Just wanted to vent and get this off... Read More

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    Quote from Meriwhen

    About her "short, snappy" answer...consider that it's not uncommon for families of patients to be hypersensitive and/or take things said to them in the wrong way. And that's normal--you're worried about your child first and foremost. As a student, more than once I've listened to a nurse talk to a patient and think nothing was wrong in what they said or how they said it...then after the nurse left and I went about my NS business, listened to complaints from the patient and/or the family about what the nurse said and how she talked to them.
    Yeah. I think it simply comes down to differences in personality. Some people are just not as extroverted as other people. There's nothing wrong with being shy and quiet, but if you listen to some people you would think it is. My extroverted mother has a way of talking about what a "loner" I am and making it sound like an insult. At my job I've had residents/patients who appreciate my quiet ways. They get upset around my more boisterous coworkers. Then there are other who thrive off that and probably wonder why I'm not more talkative. Then if I try to be more energetic I end up babbling or trailing off and sounding totally stupid.

    Oh and I would prefer someone like the OP described to someone who's smiling and talking but being really FAKE. I can tell the difference immediately and it's really off-putting. If you're not going to be genuinely nice then by all means don't bother!