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I was on an inpatient med/surg unit for the last year and a half and recently transferred to ICU. In my last weeks on the floor, a few nurses became nasty and talked behind my back. 1 even complained about my care of a patient... Read More

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    You know, Erik is right on--it is usually a person's dis-satisfaction with their own life that fuels jealousy. I would definetely be an example of hard work--when the other nurses see that you are not lazy, that speaks for itself. However, I would also be an example of not getting sucked in with gossip at any level--I am the first one to say "I don't know anything about what you are talking about, and don't want to. This is all very inappropriate." or "Sally is so talented clinically" <--it is funny how you say one nice thing about a person who is a target of nasty gossip and the gossipers get embarrassed quite quickly!! It is so difficult because it is all so "junior high". Best wishes in your new position!!
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    I think all advice has been excellent. I find that if ignored the flames die. You know who you are and it is their loss not yours. You have seen and experienced a bashing by your peers d/t jealousy, immaturity and plain Bi@#$%^&. You can disprove this. Do not ever feed the gossip mongers. You have your goals stick to them. Good Luck.

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    Words can hurt. Everyone here has given you some great advice. Just look forward to your new position and do your best to get passed the nastiness of your prior unit. In time, the nurses you'll be working with will see how hard you work. Good luck!

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