Favortism in the workplace - page 2

I am a nursing student working at a facility and I am so surprise at the favortism on in the workplace and dont know what to do. Let me tell you what I mean, we have techs, that get to pick... Read More

  1. by   PopeJane3rd
    I have been dealing with this same issue for years. No matter what company you work for you will put up with this. It is the cult of personality. You are being treated this way because you are not liked or cared for too much by someone in higher authority. All of these people that get their way are out-going, talkative, butt kissers that know how to work the system. Yes, the place I work at has people just like that in it. I work with this one lady and she is a trouble maker through and through. Have made racist comments, tells pathological lies, talks about one supervisor behind his back and yells and screams at the other spine-less supervisor we have. People are intimidated by her because she has a strong personality though pathological one. Going to HR is something I've thought of but it might put your job in further danger. If push comes to shove, you're better off moving somewhere else. ONce you start complaining on people they will start to single you out for harsh treatment making your life miserable to the point where you will be sick at just the thought of coming to work. I've complained my butt off and to no avail after a whole 2 yrs of this already. But what you can do is challenge your reviews if they are not right. You do have that right. I had a supervisor that tried to pull some crap like that on me and I stopped him dead in his tracks. He hasn't tried that since.
  2. by   stillwant2banurse
    It is funny you mention that I have tried to challenge a review that was not right and they refused to change it. However, I decide to leave the whole thing in God's hand, people will be people they will eventually do whatever they plan on doing when the time is right for them, and prayfully I will be able to beat them to the punch. I figure this is not my first job and it will not be my last. I did write my comments on the review and I am not going to put myself in miserable situation anymore.
  3. by   sweetpeanurse
    After my confront with the DON, I was sweating the new schedule. "Here I go working all the weekends again"

    But I got the best schedule, not days, but no weekends. I feel bad a little bc everyone else is working 1 weekend but I should get a couple months of no weekend d/t that for 6 months that is all I worked. After working this weekend, I remember why I hated weekends so much, always short staff.