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Hi! I've posted this on the general nursing forum as I was hoping to gain some perspective from experienced nurses (especially) about the working environment in the nursing field. I am wanting to pursue a batchelor in... Read More

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    3 years later, I am still nice, sweet and smiling. I do have my days where I can be tough but my smiles outweigh my frowns

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    Thanks MedChica and Ruby Vee! Very much appreciated your GREAT advice and some fair points made also. I love the advice you're all giving

    Just for the record, I didn't mean to offend anyone with my earlier comment about nursing for the right reasons. I can only speak for myself and I certainly don't believe it's up to me or anyone else to write the rules on the right and wrong reasons to be a nurse. Everyone is different and so will be there reason for wanting to enter into the profession.
    Perhaps I didn't explain myself very well with the point I was trying to make.

    "'s nice however to hear that the majority of Nurses are good hearted people and obvousily Nursing for all the right

    All I meant here was to say that they obvousily are happy in their nursing role and with THEIR reasons for nursing. I would think if you did not enjoy nurising at all this may spill out into your working relationships, amongst other things. It was just a thought and my opinion. With this said I do realise though that we are all human and that we all have our good days and our bad days, nurses included.
    Again, a fair point, just wanted to clear that up

    I'm interested to know if many of you feel that nursing school helped you to develope a thicker skin and attributes such as assertiveness?
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    Thanks prettymica, lovely to read your post
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