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I've been a nurse for 5 years, and at my present facility for 2. I've come to find out in the last 2 weeks, that another nurse (same position as me - floor nurse) has been spreading lies about me throughout the facility, as well... Read More

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    And if it is meant for me to go back....God will reopen the door. Get out of there! These people that are exhibiting these psycho behaviors are sick and they need help. The nurse manager and
    DON's are sick for letting this person get away with these behaviors! My prayer is for God to uncover all participating parties and execute His righteous judgements! These people are truly psychotic and crazy!

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    I finally decided to quit and get another LTC job, which was just as horrible as the last place. I've decided to take a break from LTC and do Private Duty nursing (which not only pays $7-11/hr more, but is INFINITELY less stressful). I don't think I'll be going back to LTC any time soon... it seems the nurses who do that particular job are frequently angry, bitter and vicious. Life is too short to deal with lunatic co-workers. :-/
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    Quote from Sunny0308
    First of all, talk to your Supervisor. You have to have some common sense here. Document everything. Look up your policies and procedures in human resources, and follow the guidelines. If you have any proof, and people who are willing to stand by whatever gossip they have shared with you, then arrange a meeting with your Supervisor and the person allegedly slandering you, and talk. And bear in mind you may be drug tested at any time. Good luck.

    I agree with Sunny. Do go to your supervisor or HR. Tell them what is going on. This nurse may very well have a reputation for this kind of behavior, and they are just waiting to get the goods on her. Tell them who told you so they can interview them. This happened at my facility recently. It had been happening to others, but they would not come forward with details. The more they ignored her, the more she bullied. The gal who finally had enough said two words to myself, HR, and the administrator, "Hostile environment'. The bullying was substantiated and the bully was threatened with suspension and possible termination if it did not stop at once. It stopped....hostile environment is something administration never wants to hear.
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