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i swear, this is this ONE charge nurse in particular that has it out for me. Really bad. I'll have been on this floor as an RN for a year on July 1st. And every time i work a night shift with her, she gives me hell. She is only a... Read More

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    Agreed with everyone. I think i'm going to take it to my manager. I'm trying not to make a huge deal of it right now.
    My manager likes me as well, so i know she won't play "favorites."

    I don't really want to go off running quite yet. I like my job so i don't want to quite or move units because of her. I feel like that is running from my problems.
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    Screw who your manager likes! Definitely talk to her! This is about patient safety, and that load is ridiculously UNSAFE! If she/he refuses to help you, then you need to go to the higher ups. Explain exactly what you told us here, and come with facts. Do NOT keep quiet about this.
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    This is crazy. Please keep us updated. That nurse's sore back is not YOUR responsibility.
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    I hate hearing that stuff!!!! When I was a tech the charge nurse on 3-11 hated me and I mean hated me. She never missed an opportunity to nail me for any thing. She gave me excess patients. extra chores and all kinds of side jobs to do. I worked in ICU. I begged to be put on 11-7 to get away from that witch and my boss said okay. I never told her why. And Witchiepoo wanted to be put on nights and they did it. again life is hell again. That woman went way beyond her capacity. One night I came in street clothes after a date. She ran over before I could change and checked my arm to see if I had been injectiong drugs. The straw that broke the camels back was we had a full unit. We did team nursing RN charge LPN meds and techs did with VS and reported any change. We had 3 techs that night RN's did all the assessments initially.(This was very long ago) 10 pt on the unit. Out of 10, I got 6 and 3 were q 15 min VS and I had to do all ER and house ekgs and preop ekgs. The other techs tried to help me with this load by taking 2 of the q 15 min VS and one tried to share doing some of the EKG's. She told them to stop and do their own work and none of mine. It was the first and last time I have ever walked off a job. The director called me the next day and asked me to come in and tell her what happened. I did. She gave me an excellent refferal and references to an even better job. I still loved nursing and went to school to be a nurse. I found out later she pulled it on another tech and was fired over it. The sad karma? She came into my CCU much later in life. She had no family they had all moved away and none of them would come to see her She had Alzheimers to the point of just laying there and crying for hours. I was in charge and I gave her to one of the best nurses on the unit. Some witches just can't help it but you have the power to do a good job anyway. Talk to your manageranyway. If that doesn't work go to HR and always do your write ups in triplicate.
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    You are not overreacting!
    But you have to react!

    The situation the charge nurse put you in is dangerous. Dangerous to your patients and dangerous for you. Definitely go over her head and over the managers if need be.
    Write an incident report. Write down exactly what happened that night. Do it fact based only - a completely unemotional report. If you're a member of a union it might be good to notify them to. In our union, there are really good people who know how to deal with such issues correct. This is a case of harassment which is endangering patients lives. I do not want to scare you, but if anything had happened to any of your patients - who do you think would go to court? Not the charge nurse.
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    If it were me I would openly confront her and just go ballistic, nothing puts someone like that in their place then when you go crazy. She won't know what hit her! Also threaten incident reporting, going to the nurse manager- all of that. You know what she's doing is illegal and immoral and unethical so what do you have to lose?

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