Considering moving to ND

  1. My husband lost his job and can't get work, I have been talking to a recuiter for Trinity. I have 3 years med/surg-oncology experience and charge nurse and supervisor experience in LTC. I want to work 12hr shifts, I have heard some say they work rotating shifts. Can you work 3-12hrs? I was told the shift differencial is only 1.50-1.75 an hour is this true? Also I was told that tuition reimbursement is only 500 a year, I am finishing my BSN now and will continue to the MSN program but I am concerned if they don't offer much in this area. I was told $23hr for a base which is a lot less than I am making in NJ.

    It would be a big move and I would have to sell my house as well, so it would need to be worth such a big change.

    Also how cold does it really get?
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  3. by   mamabear4
    The base pay for ND is good. I dont know what the differential is, but if you got the info from the recruiter then its probably right. Yes it does get very cold here. There have been some months in the winter where it is -20 or -30 for weeks on end and that doesnt include the wind chill. We do get a lot of snow and winters here usually go from October to the mid to end of May. We say we have 2 seasons here winter and hunting. I grew up around Minot and while it was a great place to raise a family there is not too much to do. We have many out of staters coming here for jobs and that has raised the housing cost to ridiculous amounts. Do expect to pay anywhere from $1500-$2000 a MONTH for a small house. They have raised the prices on everything around that area because of the oil boom and there are those who are desperate enough to pay that. This summer there were thousands of people/families living in tents and trailers due to the housing shortage, not only from the oil boom but from the massive flood that decimated the Minot area. Please really research and maybe plan a trip here before you give up everything.