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Hello AllNurses, I just discovered that WSSU has an ABSN program. I want to apply and get some feedback on the program from current or past students. I have a non-nursing BA my GPA was a 3.1. Do I... Read More

  1. by   tjolive2
    Hello all,

    I have not read all of the comments yet but I know the previous class did this so I was thinking all of the people who are accepted into the class starting January 2013 could get together in a facebook group. I will create the group and post the link here.
  2. by   tjolive2
    (to create the group I need to add at least one friend to it so if one person can just tell me their name so that I can friend you and then create the group, thanks!)
  3. by   poniesoverpoker
    Lauren Allen (my FB picture is me jumping a horse)
  4. by   tjolive2
    ahh i couldnt find you. my name is terri jo oliver.try to find me, my picture is just my face and i have blonde hair. perhaps my town would come up under my info and it is "Albemarle, NC" or University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  5. by   poniesoverpoker
    you found me!
  6. by   tjolive2
    I created the group! Here is the link feel free to join the group if you are a member of the class beginning in January. Can't wait to meet everyone!
  7. by   idani
    I've requested to join the group my profile picture is a table with lit candles.
  8. by   bsnhopefulnc
    Hey all...Terri Jo, I just sent you a friend request as well as requested to join the facebook group (my name is Kelly Hickling). Looking forward to meeting's going to be a crazy year!
  9. by   bz122
    I'm curious.. did anyone take the intro to nursing course (NUR2310 I think) in the fall to get a head start? I won't be applying until fall of 2013 and was wondering if I should take the class that fall.

    While I'm at it, what do you guys think about my chances of getting in? I haven't officially graduated yet but my major will be Business Admin from WSSU. I have a 3.5-3.6 GPA - It would be much higher but I transferred from Forsyth Tech and they don't count those classes while calculating GPA. I have taken two pre reqs and I am in two right now. I got a B in both Chemistry and Developmental Psych. I am in A&PI and should get an A, and Stats where I will probably get a very high B (unfortunately my teacher doesn't round up). I am planning on making a A in both A&PII and Micro, so that will leave me with 3 A's and 3 B's presumably. What do you guys think about my chances? From reading past post it seems like the way they accept students is very random, but I'm still wondering what you guys think. Thanks everybody.
  10. by   eacasu12
    I just sent a request to be added to the group. Question though, did anyone just receive the email talking about a December 1st transfer and second-degree student orientation? I didn't even receive a phone call or email letting me know I could RSVP to this. I am so excited for this program but feel like I have been in the dark on so much information that I need. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. by   poniesoverpoker

    I would re-take classes until you have A's in your pre-requisites. Having a B in accounting would be much less concerning to the admissions committee in my opinion than B's in pre-requisites.
    In addition to the pre-requisites I have taken nutrition, several psychology courses, environmental health (Molecular ID of Pathogens and Medical Entomology), Pathophysiology, and independent research. I also took Organic Chemistry at the 200 level rather than the Intro type organic chemistry. I tried to take, but wouldn't work scheduling wise, biochemistry, immunology, and epidemiology.

    Good luck with your application!!!!
  12. by   shytown
    Hello, I am currently looking into applying to WSSU for the ABSN program. I am a Nevada resident, does anyone know the tuition cost for in state versus out of state tuition? I called and the lady in the student accounts office said she didn't have the exact fees for last year, and this years aren't posted yet.
  13. by   cadyssa
    @ shytown it looks like tuition is around $14,300 for out of state students (

    I have a question for any current ABSN students. For clinicals, do you need a car for transportation? Are all of the clinicals done at one hospital? If not, are the hospitals in the city?