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Working as RN in Boone NC

  1. 0 Hello everyone. I just thought of creating this thread.

    I am a Registered nurse in North Carolina. Wanted to know the living conditions in Boone, are there nurses out there working in any of the health facilities in Boone?

    Are there any hospitals/LTC on that area hiring nurses? What is the average starting salary for nurses on that place?

    I hope someone can answer these queries.

    Thank you so much....awaiting for replies.
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    I have only traveled thru Boone so I have no idea. I hope somebody can help you though. I live in the eastern part of the state now.

    sandan rnstudent
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    There are three hospitals near Boone. One in Boone, one in Blowing Rock and one in Linville. Together they are called Appalachian Regional Healthcare System. The easiest way to search for job openings is to check their website; however, an email to someone in human resources might work better.

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