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    I was wondering about working in Charlotte\Mooresville area or in the Fayetteville area. How are the working conditions and what is the average wages for experienced BSN RN? Relocating to the area depending on my husbands job. Was looking at Lake Norman Regional Medical Center, or Cape Fear Valley Hospital. Anyone in that general area with any input would be appreciated.

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    I can't speak about the pay, as I'm still a student, but I live in Fayetteville and if I had a choice (I don't, my husband is military) I'd choose Charlotte over Fayetteville. It's a bigger city with more to offer. I would imagine it pays more but the cost of living might be more, as well. Hopefully someone will be able to give you some info on the pay. I'm doing my clinicals at Cape Fear and I like the hospital, but then again, I'm not an employee so I can't offer any input on that. I was probably no help at all, huh. :-)

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