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Has anyone done their rn-->bsn program? Looking into it and wondered if it was good or not... Read More

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    I am considering applying to WSSU's accelerated program. How difficult is it to gain admission into the program?

    Is an interview required? I received an application packet from the program director, but it does not mention this.

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    When I considered the program a few years ago, an interview was required and admission was quite competitive because they only accept about 45 people each January.
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    Babynurse07, I was hoping to PM you(when I sent the friend request), but I guess my membership won't allow private messages. I hope you can read this. I am strongly considering the ABSN program at WSSU, but I am so scared of it being so fast that I can't keep up. Please let me know if there are certain requirements or conditions for success. I have a family to think about and that's what unnerves me. I don't know if I'll be able to juggle the two and do well. Thanks for your time!
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    I finished the program in Feb 08. Many people including myself had families. It is hectic but definitely doable. Time management is important. You can do it!!!!
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    I am doing my pre-reqs and will be sending in an application to WSSU ASBN. I see you posted about a year ago. Can you fill me in on your progress? Can you provide any tips for getting accepted into the progran AND getting the contract to work at Baptist. I understand only 30 people get the scholarships and contracts. I really need that.
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    I am still a student @ WSSU but Im not doing nursing any more bcause its so many students that have been trying to get into the program & havent been able to get in alot of them have been changing their majors or transferring I just talked to a student yesterday and she stated that alot of students are transferring here and they are the ones that are getting accepted I will graduate with a degree in Interdisciplinary studies w/concentration in psychology and I may apply to accelerated or get a masters in something else havent decided yet but I wish you the best of luck dont let what little info I have given you make your decision if this is your dream keep going after it and it will come true I cant give you any info on Baptist bcause I dont know anything about it but give them a call & Im sure someone can help GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hi, Did you apply to the ABSN program at WSSU? Do you have any advice about getting in?
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    I didnt apply 2 the BSN program @ WSSU bcause it was jus a little 2 complicated for me what I mean by that is 2 much as far as tha GPA & transfer students coming in so I tried something else & I graduated n May I will b returning 2 get another degree at another university n the fall still health related but do not give up on ur dreams pray & believe that they will come true It may not happen when u want but it will

    God Bless & good luck
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    Just found out that I got in to the ABSN program at WSSU with clinicals at Baptist/Bowman Gray. Thrilled! Start in January!

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