Where do I begin?

  1. Hello everyone, I am relatively new to this board. I am a 27 yr old divorced woman with a son who is 3. I lost my job in Dec of 2009. So now it is time to go back to school and get my career together.

    First of all I am enrolled in a fast track CNA class that ends this week. I am not 100% ready to test yet. I have been trying to think of the best possible way to get into nursing school. I can go to RCCC in 2011 (if I meet all the requirements). I really dont want to wait that long. I have called ECPI and they informed me that I would have to come to class Mon-Fri from 8-5 for 14 months, which I cant do because I am the breadwinner in my house and I dont get help financially from anyone. I am trying to find a job soon and those are usually my work hours. I just bought my first house in Nov. 09 so I need to get the ball rolling. Where do I even begin? How can I do this with no family around? My exh is now remarried and he gets our son even weekend faithfully. My boyfriend is a track coach and he works long hours and has a very busy life.

    I feel discouraged in a way. So if anyone out there have an ideas for me, that would be a blessing! Thanks....
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  3. by   AshleyA
    1. Most important, you need to get a job to pay the bills!
    2. Talk to someone at the school to see if you have all the classes to start nursing school. You might need some prereqs.
    3. Find a school that has an eariler start date and a time that is better for you.

    Hopefully by the time you graduate nursing school, the job market will be better, because new grads are having a hard time find jobs right now.