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Hi everyone! I'll be taking my Entrance exam for Watts school of nursing in October and I am just freaking out! I've been studying for about two and a half months now, and I feel only... Read More

  1. by   prcoach
    Sign up immediately. It is hard to get a seat, and, you really don't need that much time to study. You need 50% to pass...that is a easy enough if you are prepared for the way the test is run. Most people are clueless and end up being on question 30 or 40 when time is up. That is an immediate fail because not even 50% of the questions have been answered.

    The time you are there is 60 min. There is some set up involved. Then you are timed 30 min. for Part 1 and 15 min for Part 2.
  2. by   krissy_g
    Proach,You've been helping me a lot. I'm jw for the math.. Is it just adding, subtracting, multiply and divide fractions or does it also include algebra and geometry?? And alright I will sign up immediately.
  3. by   kml0807
    so basically if you study the book you will do fine some feedback would be greatly appreciated
  4. by   HotSoup
    Quote from kml0807
    so basically if you study the book you will do fine some feedback would be greatly appreciated
    Yes, I studied the book for about 6 months before I took the test and did great. 89% on the first part and 91% on the second part.
  5. by   sicilian

    Hi I came across the post about the PSB test for Watts Nursing School. I will be taking the test March 7th and Ive been out of school awhile and I'm so nervous. Can you help me to ease my mind and give me advise so I can hopefully pass it the first time I can give you my email address if you need it.

    Thanks a million
  6. by   sicilian

    Hi my name is Lisa and I cam across an older post of yours about the PSB test for Watts School. I wanted to know if you can give me a general idea about the test? I've been out of school awhile and I'm taking the plunge to try this test. If you can help me I'll be very grateful.

    Thanks a million
  7. by   gard0128
    I am schedule to take the Entrance Exam At Watts in March. I got the recommended study book on their website, but based on some of these questions, it is information that I have not learned. I see that the book is broken into Test Prep for Nursing School and the other section for Allied Health. Can anyone tell me which one to study for the Watts school or nursing Entrance Exam? Much appreciated!!
  8. by   Jessica921
    hey tarhealer im taking my test in a week ive been studying for like 3 mths any pointers?
  9. by   HotSoup
    Just work on your practice questions in the book. That helped me the most with my time efficiency. I didnt finish the first part (math,etc) but I did finish the reading portion and did very well on the test overall.
  10. by   lcat
    Hi all!
    I graduated from UNC with a BA in Journalism in 2011 and it's just NOT the field for me. I've wanted to be a nurse for the longest time...even in undergrad, but it was too late to switch majors!

    I'm looking into Watts and it's getting me so excited! I'm going to try and go to an information session soon, but I'd love some input.
    -Can I take the admissions test anytime? I don't know if I'd enroll in the MO College pre-requisites until next summer. Would my admissions test score still count? When do the pre-req classes at MO start?

    -Who did y'all get to do your references? I am about to get my CNA in September, so I'm hoping after a little while working, I can get my supervising RN to write one of them. But I'm stumped about the other two -- it's been a while since I was in college, so I don't know if my professors would agree. And I have great bosses currently, but it's in a completely different field -- magazine writing!

    Really any info on how to get the process started, when classes start, etc. would be so so wonderful!!!
  11. by   SamanthaM21
    I can not PM but if anyone would PM me there email address and would proof my essay I have written for Watts I would very much appreciate it