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Watts Nursing school entrance exam (PSB)

  1. 0 I'M SO NERVOUS...I've been studying i do well on my english etc(i've been taking to practice exam. I'm just worried about my Math is it all fractions? i havent had done fractions in 10yrs.How is the test graded? I heard it was a ton of antonyms. Just any advice will do i'm scared of focusing to much on the wrong type of math and bombing whats actually on the test.
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    Moved to North Carolina State Nursing Programs for more response. Good luck on the exam!
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    im just wondering how did your test go? any info you want to share about it? like what book did u use and how many question is in the test?? pm me if you wanna share some tips! thank you so much
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    hey how are you Krissy...I studied the book that was recommended i will tell you i feel like i over studied. The test was nerve racking because you only get 35 mins a believe for the first part. i have no idea how they expect you to answer all the questions. I havent gotten my scores back yet but i'm nervous. The only good thing is if i have to retake it i know what to expect.
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    Im good thank you! and oh really? how many questions was on the test? yeah i am studying the allied health book right now. i want to pass so bad because ive always wanted to be a nurse. when you do a retake, will it be the same test?? you can email me at krissygriarte1992@gmail.com bc i barely get on this site and i dont really know when people are responding unless i check it myself lol. thanks a lot! im pretty sure you did just fine let me know!