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    Hey everyone,

    I'm wondering if there is anyone out there who applied to UNC-Chapel Hill BSN program for May 2009 admission. Letters of acceptance/wait list/rejection are due any day now, or perhaps some people have already received a letter. Let me know if you have. I'm really anxious about what mine is going to say.

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    i got my acceptance letter about two weeks ago. i hope you hear something soon.

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    Thanks so much for you reply Candystriper. Congratulations!!

    Wow...two weeks ago...I don't think that's good news for me! What in the world are they waiting for...I've been going out of my mind wondering and waiting for an answer. Did your letter have a date in which you had to reply back about your intent to attend? Do you mind sharing with me what that date was if there was one. Also, if you don't mind sharing, did you have all of your prerequisites completed when you applied? Do you know of anyone who received a rejection letter yet?

    Thanks and congratulations!
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    Thanks TeeVee,
    My respond by date was march 23. Pre-orientation sessions begin tomorrow. I did have all prereqs completed when I applied. This was my second time applying; I was wait-listed last cycle. I don't know of anyone else's outcome but I wouldn't be discouraged if I were you. I know how stressful the wait can be though. I got to the point where I just wanted to know something, rejected or not.

    best of luck to you,
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    I also received an admissions letter two weeks ago. I also had all my pre-reqs completed when I applied. Hopefully you will hear something soon TeeVee. I know the waiting is horrible. Candy-are you going to be at pre-orientation on Tuesday?

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    I'm going to the April 4th pre-orientation.

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    Congrats Candy & Karen! I'm still waiting for the ABSN program. I'd love to know regardless!
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    I'm still waiting for my letter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've pretty much accepted the fact that I was not accepted this time around. Candystriper I was wondering, since you said that this was your second time applying, if UNC gave you any indication or clue about how good your chances of getting accepted the second time around would be. When you reapplied, did you submit new essays? Did you reatake any courses, or do anything specific to improve your candidacy the second time you applied? Did you have volunteer experience on your first application? Were all of your prerequisites completed on your first application? If not, which class(es) did you still have to complete? I know I am firing so many questions at you and I really appreciate any responses you could give me. I'm trying to formulate a plan and am going out of my mind because I have absolutely no information from UNC at this late stage in the game. Thanks! This is me
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    I didn't include any volunteer experience in my first app. I honestly didn't realize that I could include non-medical volunteer work. I did include my non-medical volunteer stuff the second time around (wish I knew that I could the 1st time ). Other than that, my application mirrored the first.

    In the optional third essay, I referenced being wait-listed and wrote a few words about not letting that discourage me from pursuing my goal of becoming a nurse and about perseverance. I actually added this to the beginning of what I had written before. I changed nothing in the first two essays. Based on that, I think it was the lack of volunteer experience that did me in on the first app. Truth be told, because I had not made any major changes, I didn't expect to get accepted this time. I guess I didn't what to go through what I went through waiting for what was ultimately a denial letter back in November.

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    I so appreciate you taking time to respond to my questions!! I just got my DENY letter today. I was not surprised that I was not accepted, but I thought I might have had a chance of being put on the wait list. Now I'm wondering if applying a second time would even be worth a try. When you were put on the wait list the first time you applied, did you call the admissions office and ask them if they could give you specifics about how you could improve your candidacy? Do you know of anyone who was not accepted at all (not even wait listed) who applied for a second time and got accepted?

    Thanks, Tricia

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