UNC & Duke ABSN- Spring 2014

  1. I am new to the forum and wanted to see if there were any others applying to either UNC or Duke's ABSN program for the Spring 2014 entry?

    I know this has been discussed in other threads, but I am a little apprehensive about the tuition at Duke, esp. now since they have done away with the repayment program they once had. On the flip side, I would love to end up at UNC, but know that it is very competitive!
    Anyone out there currently in the UNC ABSN program that can speak to the application process/ chances of acceptance?

    I am recent graduate (got my B.S. May of '12) with a 3.5/3.6 cum, all A's in pre-reqs except a B in stat and will be taking Micro this summer (but planning on an A!). I also have a lot of volunteer experience in non-clinical settings and clinical (currently work as PT tech, medical mission trip, and ~400 hours in other clinical settings- mostly in PT departments though)
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  3. by   sullivandoula
    I applied in February. Getting anxious. :[
  4. by   sbrown12
    I also applied for Duke are we supposed to find out soon if we got an interview or not?? I was thinking of applying to UNC as well, but have not finished the application. Duke tuition prices are scary I agree with you there, but I think the education will be worth it.
  5. by   MICU_RN_CCRN
    I hope we find out soon! I found out that the first Duke Day is July 19 so I feel like we will need to know soon to make arrangements to go!
  6. by   ShakeItOff0515
    Quote from ldbmoore
    I hope we find out soon! I found out that the first Duke Day is July 19 so I feel like we will need to know soon to make arrangements to go!
    Seems they are keeping their timeline. Last Spring the app was due May 1st so I was worried they would push everything back since this year the app was due June 1st. Reading back over the fall thread they got around 2-3 weeks notice for Duke Days. Notification for acceptance was about a month later than what is quoted on Duke's website.
  7. by   sbrown12
    I heard June 25th on an ABSN Webinar, but I have not heard anything since then. I hope you find out today that would be great! I hope it is also good news for everyone!
  8. by   catm
    I also applied to Duke, but not UNC. Can't sleep not knowing!
  9. by   sbrown12
    I know I was hoping it was yesterday, but does anyone know when they will let us know? I hope its soon
  10. by   Rthom09
    @sbrown12 I am not certain, but did give the admissions office a call last week and they said they were planning on notifying us this week, but did not specify further.
    Hopefully it will be soon! Good luck to all
  11. by   sbrown12
    @Rthom09 Thanks so much for the information! I tried contacted admissions guy at Duke and he was on vacation But Good Luck! Let me know if you hear anything else
  12. by   Rthom09
    @sbrown Yeah, you have to call the number for the SON office he left in his voicemail and they might be able to give you some info! That's what I did when I called-- let me know if you hear anything as well!
  13. by   ShakeItOff0515
    I just got the email, I was offered an interview!

    Duke Days are July 19, 26, and 29.
  14. by   sbrown12
    AHH Me too!! Which Duke Days are you thinking of attending!! I am so excited