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Just taking a chance to see if there are any other applicants to UNC's Spring 2012 ABSN. There hasn't been a lot of activity on here from UNC applicants, but since we have about a month left I thought we could all get together... Read More

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    i would assume that it would be an acceptance package through the mail, but she did say that if it was close to the class start date we would receive a phone call instead.

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    I too am wait listed. I did find out, although they say the list is not ranked, it is. As far as how many people have been accepted off the wait list in the past, it varies greatly. Anywhere from 0% to 50%.
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    mymykeeter, when you found out that we were in fact ranked, were they able to tell you what position you are on the waitlist? thanks for posting
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    Cnoel, I am not sure what I am ranked and was a little worried I might be pushing if I did ask. I will say however, the director K** was nice enough to talk to me about my application short falls. I learned that the reasons I got put on the wait list was because my first essay was not outstanding like my second one and I made a C in stats. Sorry I can't provide you with more information but I would deft call and ask how you might improve your application next go round.
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    thanks mymykeeter - i was afraid to call, didn't want to annoy them so should I just ask to speak with the director, K**? I made a C in stats too. that's what I have been the most worried about. anyway, thanks for the advice and keeping my fingers crossed for all of us.
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    Cnoel, I would go ahead and call. At the very least you can find out what you can do to improve. The director seemed very open to providing advice. As far as asking what you are ranked, I would base it on how the conversation is going but just be cautious. A quick run down for how I approached the conversation, just in case you might be interested. I stared out by thanking her for her time and how I'm glad to still atleast have a chance. I then followed with my questions. First being my goal is to attend this program, what can I do to improve my chances/make myself a more competitive candidate? Then I finished up with how are people choosen from the waitlist etc. I hope this helps! Goodluck. I know the waiting game is not fun!! Keep me posted.
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    thanks so much for all the tips! I am definitely going to call to see how I can improve for next time. I wasn't so much thinking about asking for my ranking, as just making sure that I am doing all that I can do for this time or most likely, next time around anyway, thanks so much again!
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    I was just accepted off the WL- classes start Monday. It's all a blur! Just wanted to let the hopefuls know to keep up hope and always keep trying. Took me two application cycles but I'm glad it all worked out and I didn't give up. Go Heels!

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