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Hey Everyone, I am just wondering if anyone is in the same boat as I am :) I am applying to wake techs nursing program this july 31st for spring 2018. Anyone who is or had , and got in have any... Read More

  1. by   gotgifts3
    Hey girl!! I have been following ur post and I'm with you on points. I'm a wreck. It seems like many are in the 170's. I just have to believe we have this!!! How's your job going?
  2. by   rntobe1108
    Hey! Ugh this is tough. It's crazy. Do you think starting admissions will be in the 170s this admissions? You are more than welcome to join our FB group . You can add me. My name is Shannon posthumus
  3. by   Jpeters247
    Hey there gotgift, and everyone.......I remember you from last years forum. Looks like we're both in to win it still. I remember you dropped a class, did you retake it. I'm applying with 165. Spoke to a few advisors and they all confirmed that it was over 200 applicants and the end of September they'll mail letters. That's 2 weeks later then last Spring. I remember they came in the mail this exact week. How many points are you applying with?
  4. by   rntobe1108
    Thanks for the update! Last year was 214 so im assuming it's around that again.
  5. by   rntobe1108
    I know it's two weeks later than usual I wonder what the change is. I am going to assume maybe 220 applied. Jpeters I remember that too and reading that the one girl got hers on on the 16th last year.
  6. by   jesslem
    Let us know if you want to be added to the Facebook group jpeters! Just add jessica lemons or Chandra y stonewall and we will add you.
  7. by   gotgifts3
    I'm applying with 168 points. I did retake my class. It's been a hard road. We got this!!!
  8. by   htheade
    Hi everyone, thought I'd post here since I called yesterday to see when the acceptance letters would be sent out. They said the last week of October... I don't know why it's so different this year. I'm applying with 206 points - my only B was in Micro. I'm just anxious to know for sure and to see when orientation and all that is.
  9. by   gotgifts3
    It's not the last week. They will be mailed out the first week of October. Orientation is on Oct 20.
  10. by   rntobe1108
    Hey yea that's different . Someone called yesterday and said they will be mailed before october 1st which is sunday... so um.guessing early next week or friday
    But like gotgifts said orientation is the 20th. We may even here next week if mailed out next Monday
  11. by   htheade
    That's good - I don't know why this woman told me end of October. I'm sick and a little slow on my reactions right now, and so I just said "end of OCTOBER?" and by the time I'd processed my next question, she'd hung up. Good to know, now I can also make sure I'm not working on Oct 20. Thanks for the info.
  12. by   jesslem
    Some people got their letter today!! So be on the lookout!
  13. by   pinkdaisyx3
    I got my letter today! I got in!