Spring 2012 MSON Charlotte

  1. Anyone out there apply?
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  3. by   jmlucie
    I applied . Just need to take my teas.
  4. by   Emme P
    I applied! What is your GPA and teas score? I have a 3.9 GPA but scored a 73 on the teas. I may take it again though.
  5. by   jmlucie
    Hey. I have a 4.0 GPA. But i am so worried about the teas. I took the Kaplan exam for queens University and It was fairly easy but I hear the Teas is much much harder. So I AM SUPER NERVOUS ~
  6. by   Emme P
    Waiting is the hardest part! I applied to Queens as well. The Kaplan was very different from the teas. The science portion is much more detailed in the teas. I scored a 77 overall on the Kaplan. What did you score?
  7. by   jmlucie
    I made 79% overall. By the way what day did you take your test ? There was this girl next to me who clicked on end test by mistake. She was crying, she couldn't even focus on the remaining sections. I felt so bad for her.
  8. by   Emme P
    I took the test on the 13th of June. It was a Tuesday. They warned us about clicking end by mistake. I would have cried too! Aw I feel bad for her too! I talked to a friend of mine who told me anything above 60 on the Kaplan is considered an A. The admissions rep told me the day of the test that the majority admitted for fall scored in the low 70s.
    Have you finished all the pre reqs? I have ap2, micro and abnormal psych in the fall at cp. I hope not having those classes completed by the time I submitted my application would hurt me.
  9. by   jmlucie
    Since we're both in the high 70's we should definitely be fine. However what if every one else got a higher score this time around ???
    Anyways,I'm taking Micro, Public speaking and the computer class in the Fall at Cp too !!!!!! Maybe we'll get to meet .
    You have a heavy load for the fall, well it all depends on who the instructors are. I hope you know who to avoid.
    oh I think for Mercy , not having A&p2 completed can hurt you . I would definitely call to make sure.
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  10. by   Emme P
    When i talked to admissions they said as long as I had it completed by the time of enrollment I'm fine. However I could see it hurting me if everyone else has it completed! My ap2 instructor is the same one I had for ap1 so I'm very happy about that. I actually had a dream (nightmare) about micro last night! Lol. I know we can't discuss teachers names but micro for me is tues/thurs 11-1215 with lab after? That would be cool if you we had the same class! Small world!Did you apply to cp too?
    I'm waiting to apply to cp for fall 2012 if I don't get in anywhere else. I'm also applying to cabarrus.
  11. by   jmlucie
    we have the same instructor i think, but we're enrolled in different sections. I'm taking the lecture online and the lab on mondays 6-9p. I could not apply to cp since I did not have cis110 completed.I will surely apply next year if i don't get in anywhere else. Which nursing school do you really want to go to ?
  12. by   Emme P
    With your GPA I'm sure you will be fine! My first choice is Queens because they have the MSN program and I want to eventually become a Midwife. I really hope to start spring 2012 because I'm in the point in my life when I have marriage and babies right around the corner. I'd like to finish my ASN before I start a family so I need to hurt up! I'm 29 now so if everything goes as planned I'll be 31 when I graduate. Whats your first choice program?

    Also, did you get the email about Queens delaying decisions until sept 15? I want to know now!
  13. by   jmlucie
    you have a terrefic GPA as well !!
    I feel you !!! we are the same age and trust me, It would be best to be done before you start a fam.
    Queen is my first choice for the BSN and ABSN program . I want to become a nurse anesthetist. But if i have to choose an asn program I think I 'll go with Mercy simply because Queens is on the verge of loosing it's accreditation and Mercy has 100% passing rate plus they pay 80% of your tuition !! sweet !!! . I f i get into both school asn program i'll hold out to see if i got accected into queens bsn program before making a decision

    AND nope I never got that email but i was told letters don't go out until sep 30.
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  14. by   Emme P
    Queens isn't in dangerous of losing it's accreditation. Most of that is rumor. They were warned because of a low first time pass rate. This year the first time pass rate was in the high 90s. Mercy is a diploma program so keep that in mind. I have heard from people who went there that they had to retake some nursing courses when going to get there bachelors since they didn't receive a degree with the program. But I dunno! I'll take whatever program I can get into! Originally we were supposed to find out about Queens 6 weeks after the deadline. Then I got the email saying we will hear something by September 15th. I guess they had more applicants then normal.