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    Hi Sheri - I just read your post about getting accepted into MSON - congratulations!! I am a hopeful for Fall 2012 and just sent in my applications. I read that you completed both AP I and II before applying. I've only completed AP I, Micro and Nutrition thus far and am taking AP II and Dev Psych next semester. Do you know if its required to have AP II completed before application or did it give you a leg up in your case?

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    You do not have to have your prereques completed prior to applying. As soon as you do complete a course, submit that transcript! When I applied, I had only completed A&P I. I was in the process of taking A&P II (I submitted my grade at the time) and I let them know I was registered for microbiology in the fall. This way, they knew I was on track to start in the spring of 2012. As soon as I completed the required prereques, I sent in the official transcript. The decision making process at Mercy is over a long period of time after all the applications are gathered, so as long as you can submit transcripts in that period of time, you are good. The more A's you can throw at them, the better! Hope this helps!
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    I just read all of the posts under this thread, and I am surprised that those of you with such high GPA's didn't get in or waitlisted! That confirms to me the importance of your TEAS score. I do remember at the informational meeting at Mercy for all hopefuls, they did stress the fact that your TEAS score weighes heavily in the overall scoring process. You all will get in to the school that you are meant to be at so just keep plugging away and everything will work out as it should!
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    THanks for the quick reply Sheri. Thats great info, I will certainly continue to send in my grades, I wasn't planning to before. So from your analysis, it seems like your TEAS score really set you apart. Do they require all parts of the TEAS, like reading, math, language, science? Do you have any recommendations on how to effectively study for the TEAS? I haven't had the time to even look at a study aid yet.
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    The TEAS exam will cover those 4 topics you listed. Since I am an "older" student (I'm 44) and have been out of college for QUITE some time, I made sure to give myself a LOT of time to review all segments of the TEAS. Here's what I suggest:

    1. First and foremost: USE THE ATI STUDY GUIDE! Go over every inch of it with a fine toothed comb! Also, spend the extra money for the 2 online practice exams.

    2. Give yourself a lot of time to study for the TEAS. This will depend on how rusty you are on the info. For me, I started pecking away at the study guide in January even though I wasn't taking the test until July. I did not study every day....sometimes weeks would go by...because I was so caught up in my prereque course trying to get in A in that! But, when I could, I would go page by page through the study guide and I made sure I understood EVERYTHING very clearly! I took notes, made study cards, the whole 9 yards. 2 weeks prior to taking the TEAS, I was finished with my prereque course so I was able to totally devote my time to some serious TEAS cramming. I am NOT exaggerating when I tell you I put in 10-15 hour days of studying those 2 weeks before the test! I had been reviewing bits and pieces for months, and I used those last weeks to cram as much info into my brain as I could!

    3. About 1 month before the test, take the practice exams found in the study guide/online to uncover your weak areas. You can use the remainder of your time focusing on those weak areas.

    4. Scour through the Allnurses forums for threads regarding the TEAS. People have discussed topics covered on their exam. No one is allowed to post specifics, but knowing, for example, that you need to know your basic chemistry is a big help. The science portion is a large section and it covers a wide variety of topics.

    I scored a 93, which put me in the 99th percentile! I put a lot of prep into the TEAS and it paid off!
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    Hi Sheri --

    Hope your first semester is going well at Mercy SON!

    I just wanted to thank you for your detailed response above on how to succeed on the TEAS. I did what you said and it paid off!! I made an 86%! Way better than what I would have made if I didn't take the studying seriously. Thank you so much.

    How do you like the program so far? Any comments you care to share about your experience would be well welcomed.
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    Dear Sheri,
    Hi, I am see that you are actively attending MSON, I applied and just got my letter telling me I was not recommended for acceptance. I am really upset and wondered if you can give me some advice. My high school GPA was 2.0 and that detracted a point or so, but college of 2 years GPA is 3.95 and I have completed AP I and psy 241 and math with BS and am now taking AP II and micro and hope to finish with an A in both. Here is my question: on my TEAS I scored a 62 in science a 90 in math 88 in reading and 47 in the other. overall I got a 75.3, I was told this was an average score. I am prepared to take the TEAS again and study the way you suggested but I am curious do you feel it is my low teas score or something else. What is my best shot at this. I too am an older student, 35 and just now trying to get a career, I have a CNA job in the ED dept and will keep working and taking varous classes, while waiting till april to retake my TEAS, that is the earlies I can retake them.

    Down and out, any advice would be great, ps I hope you doing well and enjoying MSON
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    Hi CNALeslie,

    I'm sorry to hear you were not accepted this round. Try not to give up hope though! I know so many people, even people like you already working in health care, that have had to apply 2-3 times, especially with these ADN programs. ADN's have larger applicant pools than BSN's and makes them more competitive.

    I did not know decisions were already being mailed out. Can you tell me when you submitted your app, completed with TEAS and all transcripts?

    I haven't heard anything yet and this is one of my main picks for schools, I'm so so so nervous!!

    Thank you!

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    Thank you for your comments, I had applied and submitted everything for Fall 2012 Session by the Feb 1st deadline, they are quick on their descion making I guess, I have a friend in my Micro class and she got in!!! She had a 90 on Teas, you should have heard something by now, is for Fall you applied for. I pray you got in, let me know what happens

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    hey leslie... that is so thoughtful of you to say, it must have worked b/c I got my acceptance yesterday! i was trying to be patient but i broke down this week and it was just right around the corner. still can't believe it. thank you so much for replying so quickly.

    I'm truly sorry you did not get in this round. i wish all these programs had more seats available, that really seems to be the biggest problem. i don't know exactly how their point system works and what i got but i had similar stats to yours, except pretty good TEAS score which i think was the biggest factor. many people end up taking TEAS twice, i didn't have time for it but lucked out i guess.

    TEAS -- 85.3
    HS GPA -- 3.2
    SAT - 1020
    ACT - 21
    PRE-REQ GPA - 4.
    1st 1B.A. GPA - 2.7
    CNA liscensure

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