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Moving from CA to NC and expecting a lower pay rate but what's the average going pay for an RN with a little over a year experience in Onslow County area? Sometimes applications ask for salary requirements and I don't know what's... Read More

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    Yes. She was a new grad

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    Ok well I have experience..that should boost it lol.
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    Quote from jodyangel
    Ok well I have experience..that should boost it lol.
    Some. I make $23 and some change, but I also work at one of the lower paying hospitals in my area. I'm geographically challenged though because my husband is military so I didn't get to pick where to live. I like my job though & nursing was never about money to me so as long as I can make ends meet, I'm good.

    Where will you be moving to?
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    This possibilitie is in Greenville.
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    Quote from jodyangel
    This possibilitie is in Greenville.
    Oh, I don't know. I think Vidant pays well; mid $20s.
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    Most of NC is around the same..Raleigh hospitals start RN at $20-21/hour...with a portion of insurance paid..not shift diff is excellent-8-15/ is true..cost of living is sooooo much cheaper...Typical 3bd/2br house $150k. Very good place to be for Medicine., especially those continueing education

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