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RN pay in Asheville NC

  1. 0 I am looking for some information about the RN pay and working in Asheville NC. We are thinking about relocating there, but we can't seem to get any information about what the pay would be like from any recruiters. We cureently live in the Hampton Roads area of Va. I have been a RN for over a year and work med/surg. My wife is a NICU nurse with 13 years experience. Would appreciate any information anyone could give us about working and the pay there. Thanks in advance
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    I think your base pay would likely be 22-23, and your wife a few bucks more, with a dollar for more than three years exp., but wages at Mission are sinking, we just had our vacation reduced, from 22 8 hour days from (less than 5 years exp) cut around 10%, and we lost preceptor pay about a year ago. The VA seems to pay maybe 10-15% more. In light of the price of housing in Asheville, honestly, the pay is between horrible and vile. But it's real pretty. Johnson City, TN is close, similar and much better pay to wage ratio.
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    Thanks for the info...looks like Asheville pays more then the hampton roads area and houses are way cheaper.
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    Mission has a base salary of 20.90/hr... I'm not sure what their differential is, I know it isn't that much, maybe 1-2 for nights and 2-3 for weekends. I'm not currently employed there, its what I've heard from other nurses so far.
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    They have wages posted on their website now..looks pretty fair. I am wondering how it is to worh there and how they treat their RN's. Thanks for the reply back.
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    I've never lived in the Hampton Roads area, but Asheville is EXPENSIVE to live in! ha. It cost a lot of money to do things around here, while still maintaing its "small town charm & weirdness" it has become a touristy spot with all of the recent attention from the president and good morning america naming it one of the top 10 (most beautiful?) cities in america.

    I have heard from other nurses and they like mission, but I think they are upset with the mission umbrella that is starting to take over all the surrounding hospitals. When you get big like that, the goal becomes the bottom line and how much money you are making. I know most people just wait for a VA hospital job to pop up and never look back.
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    Hampton Roads is very expensive and they pay less then in Asheville. Plus their is no nursing shortage here anymore and jobs are scarce. We will be coming to that area the 13-16th of March to check out the hospitals and the area. Wanted to say thanks for all the advice and info about the area.
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    My boyfriend and I are thinking about relocating to Asheville from Richmond, VA when I finish my nursing program. I'd love to hear how you and your wife settled in, and if you find working for Mission Hospital a positive experience? I was looking at their mission and values, and excited to read about the community owned/not-for profit status, but then I ran into all these scathing reviews about terrible management, etc...so hoping to hear something positive!