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  1. 0 I graduated with my BSN in Ohio in May 2010 - started college right after high school. I worked for about 6 months as an RN in an LTACH where I was an STNA for a year prior. Not my cup of tea, but it was a job. I was VERY lucky to notice there was an opening in the pediatric department at our community hospital...even more lucky to get the job. I truly love the job, the children and my coworkers. I have been there for about a year. It is a small general peds unit in our small town, the unit does sometimes close entirely for a few nights in the summer because we have no patients.

    I have always known Pediatrics was where I wanted to be and eventually Ped Hem/Onc. I am just not happy with adults. I do love my job but don't know that I want to be in this little town forever and for whatever reason I'm drawn to North Carolina. It's just me - no kids, no husband and I figure if I'm going to branch out, this would be the time. So...recommendations in North Carolina for this RN? This isn't something I would do tomorrow, but I am toying with the thought of it.