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Hello! I've been accepted to WSSU's ABSN program starting in January 2012. Let's get this party started! Where is everyone from? Anyone commuting? From where? Hopes? Fears? Dreams? We will... Read More

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    Whew! Interview is over! Everyone keep your fingers crossed as we wait for notification.

    Is anyone currently taking Intro to Nursing 2310 at the school? If so, did you register for classes today? I don't think we have to do any of that. I think they will take care of it for us ...but I was just wondering if anyone went ahead and registered anyway.

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    I also had an interview this morning. It wasn't that bad..the recruiter is easy going..does anyone know how many students will the hospital fund next year?
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    Quote from monster41
    hi jecrews83,

    i will be visiting winston salem in decemeber to look for potential housing. if you want to get together, you or anyone that is interested, we can surely meet up before school starts. :d

    i hope everyone had a great interview and if there are still those who are waiting, good luck!! the nurse recruiter is friendly and the interview overall was an enjoyable experience.


    are you still considering commuting? i am debating. what part of charlotte is your family from? i may stay with my aunt in kannpolis if you wanted to contemplate carpooling with me. it would be a two hour a day study session!
    my family lives in concord. my uncle says its about an hour 15-20 away from his house. i have been to charlotte several times, but never to winston salem. he encouraged me to apply for the program there since its so competitive here in south florida. i am really happy i did. i am soooo ready to move there i have decided that i am not going to commute i hate driving, and figured the amount that i would spend in gas would be about the amount i would spend in rent. apt are pretty resonable. that will also give me time to spend late nights in the library and not have to worry about a long drive home... i have been looking at apartments in clemmons, which is about 10 minutes away from the school according to the property manager and google. i plan to come to the area at the end of the month to finalize some apt choices and move my things there. but i am hopeful that we can meet and i will need to study partner to brush up on the things that i have studied on my own.
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    Now that I am getting more comfortable with the area of Winston, I can see myself living around there especially with so many students roaming about. As we get closer to orientation I am getting more and more excited. I am looking as well and have a similar plan to finalize my living situation by Dec. Hopefully we hear about funding soon. Some of the interview questions were interesting...

    When were you most angry? or Are you more likely to confront, avoid or report a problem? Towards the end of the interview I felt like I kept repeating myself. Oh man. Anywho hope everyone is doing well!
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    Hi Monster41,
    How is your search for apartment. Have you by any chance checked out Arbors apartment. l have read both good and negative reviews but the photos out there looks too good to be true. Pls can you recommend any apartments you have looked at as am out of state and is hard on me to drive 7 hours to come check on them. thanks.
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    Quote from mmuaa32
    Hi Monster41,
    How is your search for apartment. Have you by any chance checked out Arbors apartment. l have read both good and negative reviews but the photos out there looks too good to be true. Pls can you recommend any apartments you have looked at as am out of state and is hard on me to drive 7 hours to come check on them. thanks.
    Hi mmuaa32,

    I will be looking this weekend and I can let you know. Last visit I looked at a couple of places on the Hawthorne side of the hospital simply because I had some extra time. They were sort of scary but for the price, I kind of expected that. People will mention areas like Country Club, Ardmore and West End and these seem nice but you have to consider your price range. I have also been contacting folks from craigslist. I have connected with many medical students, employees at Baptist etc so they have helped me figure out the area a bit more. Also consider how far you want to commute. For me, if I move, I want to move closeby although some people mention Kernersville as a nice surrounding area.

    There are SO many apartment complexes and I believe in one way or another they are all the same. Do you want to live alone? Sharehouses are nice because you can live in a better area for a split rate and your potential roommates may be able to navigate the city or give you some tips. I wouldn't choose a place based on website or online reviews alone. Are you planning on making a trip up closer to January to look at some places? or are you planning on lining up a place from a distance?

    Winston Salem residents chime in anytime.
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    Hi Monster41,
    Thanks alot for the insight, l thought so to for the online review and pictures wasn't enough to get you a nice and affordable price to live. As you said am not looking for expensive place, say rent around 300 to 450, l guess l can do that. l will prefer 1br as l donot really no anyone to consider as a roommate.
    Am really looking for some place closer to the hospital and school abt 10 - 15minutes drive is okay. l guess living closer will be best, to ease some of my worries when school start.
    l guess, now l will depend on what you say after your search this weekend, if it requires me to come and look for myself l will do that, but if you are able to recommend nice places which l do not need to see before puttting in application then l will decide to come close to january to finalize everything.
    As you said l talked to a rental agent at ardmore but the sorrounding picture sent felt is not a quite place and also other couple.
    Pls, do not hesitate to give me any information abt what is best for me to do, after your search, if it requires l definitely has to come soon fine. l donot want to wait until late when all the better places will be rented out.
    l will be waiting for your response, thanks soo much.
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    In the meantime try visiting T.E. Johnson and Sons website

    They have up to date lists of rentals and some in your price range. The office is in downtown Winston Salem and the gentlemen there is very nice. Maybe he could line up a few for you to look over a weekend and you could move in that Monday, staying in a hotel for a night or two. Best case would be to come for a visit for a day in December and look at a few places. I know it can be hard to find a place when you aren't familar with the area. Have you ever had to relocate before?
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    Thanks for getting back and the info. l have to relocate once and l know how hard it is. Anyway l will check the website. l hope am not over burdening you with my search for place. Pls donot make it extra work, just recommend along the line the places you have the chance to see and l will take it from there.
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    Hey Guys! I am getting nervous and anxious waiting on funding notifications! I am also getting very excitied about starting class! Hope you all are doing well! I am so ready to rock this!!

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