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    Quote from cindycin35

    I'm interviewing with PCMH this upcoming Wed, and I am so nervous! I'm a homemaker and haven't interviewed in years. Any advice?
    Do your homework on PCMH and on the specific unit you will be interviewing for. What is PCMH's mission statement? What is the typical patient population on the unit? Typical medical diagnoses? Typical needs? How will you fit in and help them bring excellent health care service to the patients on this unit? Why do you want to work in this specialty area and not another?

    Make sure they know you are dependable, will show up for work on time and will work your scheduled hours without difficulty, rarely (if ever) call in sick, and that you are an excellent team player! Prepare some examples of past work ethic, dependability, and being able to work well within a team environment, even if it does not involve an actual job.

    Make sure they know you are committed to their unit and won't quit after 8 months or 1 year, but plan to be on their unit for many years, if possible.

    Any volunteer experience (esp health care volunteer experience)?

    Anticipate some variant of the following questions:
    * What are your strengths and weaknesses? (Never really tell them your weaknesses, just tweak one of your "strengths" and present it as a "weakness.")
    * Why do you want to work here? or, Why should we hire you?
    * Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    * Some sort of difficult patient/family/doctor/coworker or other scenario. How would you handle it? They may ask you to name a difficult situation that you encountered in school or in clinical and how you successfully handled it.
    * What is your method for effective patient teaching?

    Have your resume ready and polished. Bring some letters of recommendation from your clinical instructors. These are as valuable as gold. Bring thank you notes to give to everyone involved in your interview process. Be courteous to everyone (the housekeeper, unit clerk) - a little kindness and courtesy always go a long way.

    Make sure you are not only on time, but arrive 10-15 minutes early. Make sure you know where to park ahead of time and how to get to the unit, so you won't get lost. Getting lost and arriving late to a job interview is NOT a good way to make your first impression!

    Dress professionally, act confident but not cocky, be warm and enthusiastic, make eye contact, and smile

    Best wishes to you

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    I had two phone interviews at Pitt County Memorial Hospital ,and they contacted me for a face to face interview a day later. I just didi my face to face interview today, and was wondering how long do they take to get back & let me know if I got position?
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    Cindycin35, I know its been awhile now but do you remember how long it take for them to call and let you know if you got the position.

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