New Watts Nursing student

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    A few questions for any Watts Nursing School students:

    I am in pre-reqs right now at MOC and starting clinicals/classes at Watts in August. Any advice on working while going to school? I'll be renting and living alone, nervous about loans etc. What is the typical schedule during the week? Any other words of wisdom in preparation?

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    I don't have an answer for your question, but maybe you can answer mine. How is A&P at MOC? Was it your first time taking a class like this? Is there anything I can study while I'm waiting that will help me prepare? Thanks for your help.
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    I took A&P online through a community college so I don't know. I think they are all hard. I am taking Medical Terminology right now which I REALLY think should be a pre-req before taking A&P. It would have been very if you can get a hold of a book or take a class it would definitely help you. Good luck!
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    New Watts student - Congrats. I'll be starting my prereqs in June of '11.
    How is it going? Are the classes hard? Are you having to study a lot?
    Good luck!
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    I am a student at Watts. I am not working right now, but I do plan to work at DRH as an NA this summer. There are several of my classmates that work Friday/Saturday/Sunday as NA's or NAII so it can be done. Good Luck!!
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    Hi i was wondering if there is anybody who is starting MOC in January 2012? I am starting then.

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    Hi ncpony. I will be starting at MOC in Jan 2012 also
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    Great to know! Has anyone from moc contacted you yet?
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    Nope, not yet. Hopefully they will soon. Have they contacted you yet?
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    Not yet! Hopefully soon

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