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I will be moving to Charlotte as soon as I graduate in July from an accelerated BSN program in Maryland and I am in the process of applying to the new grad programs at CMC and Presbyterian Hospital. I would really, really love... Read More

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    At least its not just me having trouble getting through! If anyone who has been hired in the past as a new grad RN at Novant/Presbyterian/Forsyth has any input for us on what yall did to get the info you needed that would be so great!

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    did anyone go to the open house in winston salem, if so how was it??
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    This is my first-hand understanding of what the 'deal' is with ALL the NC hospitals as of this time, at least in the Charlotte vicinity: they are mandating ALL RNs that do not have a BSN, to get it IMMEDIATELY or look for a 'demotion' in job. They want PROOF that you are currently enrolled in a BSN program and check it each semester. Anyone in management, who doesn't take this advice is being sent back to 'floor nurse' status and pay. If you are a dinosaur, like me at 59, too bad so sad. I can join the others and get my BSN now OR retire OR leave to do ECF nursing or Home Health...and I got the message. loud and clear, that those options would only be for the few next years til all of dinosaurs DO retire.
    If you have a job currently at Novant or CMC (and they have ALL the hospital jobs now, pretty much) and are enrolled IN a BSN conversion program, then you can pretty much work as much as you can for now. I'm a young 59, but Nursing is my 4th career and I am TIRED and will not go to college again...for any career. I've retired, and really I am happy that I have. There are many disgruntled RNs around my age who don't want the added expense or only have less than 5 or 10 yrs til retirement to go and they are not going quietly (and also being written up for any cause possible)!
    We have been hearing, "You're going to need your BSN degree now" since I began my career in 1970. I suppose this is the only way to MAKE IT HAPPEN now, and probably the reason you are not hearing from any recruiters, internship programs, etc. It's a mess. I do know NC was one of the founding states to begin the Compact States Licensing so I am betting they are one of the states to do this mandatory RN,BSN conversion. I know young women in FL who have gone through not one, but two nursing programs and have a Bachelors in some other career, like Psychology or Biology and still can't get a job as a RN at this time...and they have been told so many different reasons for such. I can only speak about what I have been through. I believe that the RNs who already have their BSNs are being "encouraged" to either go and get their Masters in Nursing Science, or in Hospital Administration OR they can go back and convert to Nurse Practitioner or go to a PA program. I believe it is being done to get ready for all us Baby Boomers who are retiring and ALSO some huge change in our Healthcare System, which we all know HAS TO CHANGE. The Dino MDs will be retiring as well, and many new MDs will not want to do any form of Socialized medicine so more advanced practice RNs there are, they more responsibility they will be shouldering. Truly, i don't mind, as I have often been treated better by the ARNP in any practice than I was the male MD...not a slam, just fact.
    IF you know different about all this, PLEASE voice what you know or tell what you know. I just know what I have seen and been through. I look forward to hearing what other states are doing, as I was lead to believe this is going on nationwide. I hope this helps someone who was making a huge move and didn't know why they had not heard from any jobs they wanted.

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