Need advice on becoming a CNA

  1. I want to become a CNA and eventually a RN. So, is it best to obtain my CNA thru a semester at Community College? Or, will one of the "fast-track" CNA courses do the trick? Meaning obviously the fast-track programs sound very tempting, but will I really learn all I need to know to be prepared? Will potential employers hire me if I gained my CNA licensure thru this type of accelerated course?

    Thanks for any and all input!!
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  3. by   Faithfullove
    I took a 5/6 week course at a CNA school and a semester long course at a university. I feel like I learned as much as did I during the 5/6 week course as I did at the university. I don't think employers care to much about where you got it just as long as the class employs clinical hours, and they also consider prior experience as a CNA. Good luck, hope this helps!
  4. by   mshellw1
    Thank you for your reply! I would be more confident if I could take about a 6 week course, but the "fast-track" class in my case is actually where the books and other materials are mailed to you ahead of time and you only get 1 full day in an actual classroom setting. And the skills portion are practiced at the end of class. I'm just not too sure I would be confident with myself and my abilities at the end of this, whereas I would hope to be in a tradional 3 month CC program. Guess I know what I really should do, but just looking for advice on this related topic. Would love nothing more than to take this type of accelerated course because time is of the essence with me with having a full time job and I'm married with 3 kids, but I'm not so impatient that it impedes my learning. Thanks again!