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Has anyone heard anything about NCCU's programs, like the BSN or ABSN programs? I tried to contact someone at the school but never received a reply and I also requested info through their website and... Read More

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    Quote from azncutie10282
    Hi Ohboyohboy!

    I was getting discouraged w/ applying to NCCU. They aren't really helpful and I took like General Biology and made an A, but she took my Cell bio instead which I made a C in, so it brought them my GPA that I needed. And I didn't understand why you would need to take the 4 bridge courses if you're not in the program yet? I'm taking Western Civ which is a requirement for that program, I'm taking it at DTCC. It is online and requires alot of reading. Do you think its worth finishing it, or should I just drop it and focus on Micro and Developmental Psy??

    Hi azncutie10282

    How are you paying for the prereqs are there any financial aid for them, im really interested and want to start doing the prereqs soon,,,thanks for your help

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    Anyone in NCCU's BSN program now? Any words of advice, experiences??
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    Quote from gardnerg729
    Hello everyone!
    I am a junior nursing student at nccu. To answer a earlier post, yes you do have to take bridge courses before getting accepted into the program. You take them your spring semester of sophomore year. The bridge courses are patho, health assessment, fundamentals of nursing, and micro ( unless you took micro as part of your prereqs like I did). I found health assessment and fundamentals to be rather easy classes, but the patho was very difficult for myself and most of my classmates. But it is possible to pass, just study hard! I have enjoyed the program so far, and most instructors have been very willing to help me succeed. Another plus is that they are currently building a new nursing building which will have all up to date equipment, which will aide in our success even more. LEt me know if there Are any more questions You want me to answer. Good luck!
    Hi gardnerg729!

    I am interested in NCCU's generic BSN program. Here's just a little bit about myself: I was previously in another BSN program, and currently in an LPN program (was dismissed from the BSN program). I read that you have to take those bridge courses prior to getting in, but in my old school, I did complete those courses. I was wondering if I am going to have to retake those courses again, can I test out of certain subjects, and what was the average GPA of the accepted student? Thanks in advance!!!
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    This is old but I must say that NCCU is just as competitive as the other surrounding programs and the ABSN program is very competitive and has taken an 180 degree turn in their process. The process is a point process that breaks down to overall GPA, Math and Science GPA, teacher recommendations (from bridge instructors), timed essay and TEAS results. The top points got in the program. Side Note: Doing a quick poll of the students that got accepted for the ASBN, their overall G.P.A was a range of 3.5 - 4.0 (this is from their mouth, so may not be accurate...) With that being said, the program is excellent and really prepares you for Nursing and I felt that they cared about their students overall success. I am excited to continue in this program and soon graduate and pass my NCLEX, the 1st time!!

    Lastly, the counselors were upfront about what to expect and if you were competitive or not. It's just that some may not comprehend well or choose not read thoroughly. But this is not the end all to be all, if your dream is to become an RN, there are other avenues as well!! Good Luck!
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    Read what I posted after your comment. And you have to take the Bridge courses at the University. i think they may take the Pathophysiology, but recheck with the office.
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    [font=times]read what i posted after your comment. and you have to take the bridge courses at the university. i think they may take the pathophysiology, but recheck with the office.
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    Hi, could you tell me how much is the total cost for the ABN at NCCU? Thanks

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