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Has anyone heard anything about NCCU's programs, like the BSN or ABSN programs? I tried to contact someone at the school but never received a reply and I also requested info through their website and still nothing (and Duke and... Read More

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    Oh wow, ok I'll consider the BSN Program. I'm also applying for Duke, I've read in previous threads that you applied there as well. Any suggestions? Do they look at GPA heavily than volunteer work?

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    I think Duke really looks at the whole person- the interview really helps! I think you have a good shot at it- They are really looking for leaders in nursing and what you could contribute to the cohort with your background. Do your research about why Duke is a good fit for you and tell them in your interview. I really really loved Duke's program even though I chose to go to UNC ultimately. I heard of people getting in with all kinds of GPAs so I think they are looking at the whole person like I said before. Good luck! I am excited for you.
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    Thanks for the encouragment! I'm kinda nervous, I just want to get in somewhere! I'm really hoping for Duke/UNC. Seems like NCCU is requiring alot more, but I'm going to go ahead and take the prereqs for that as my back up plan. I started the online app for DUKE, maybe I should go visit the school?
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    I would never in one million years recommend NCCU's ABSN program. It is total and complete chaos. Incredibly disorganized. Students are expected to jump through one hoop after another after another. Just trying to get into the program itself is a nightmare - from not telling the student up front what ALL the requirements are to not telling students until the last possible day if they have been accepted or not. It is required that students take the 4 "nursing bridge courses" before entry to the program (when you make application). All other pre-requisites are fudged somewhat, meaning, that while the list is long of things you should need to have take to be accepted, if you go in and sit down with one of the nursing advisors, they will go through you transcript and tick off things you have taken that could even remotely resemble one of the required courses. Just make sure you have photo copies of EVERYTHING. If they say you've taken course X and it will count for course Y, have it in writing.

    Overall, NCCU is mostly messy. Expect lots of tears and drama and BS. I know that there isn't a nursing program out there that doesn't have some of that, but this is just too much.
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    Hi Ohboyohboy!

    I was getting discouraged w/ applying to NCCU. They aren't really helpful and I took like General Biology and made an A, but she took my Cell bio instead which I made a C in, so it brought them my GPA that I needed. And I didn't understand why you would need to take the 4 bridge courses if you're not in the program yet? I'm taking Western Civ which is a requirement for that program, I'm taking it at DTCC. It is online and requires alot of reading. Do you think its worth finishing it, or should I just drop it and focus on Micro and Developmental Psy??

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    hey thanks for your input. i was thinking about applying there as a back up if i do not get into UNC. i spoke to a rep yesterday and she said since i already had a bachelor's degree that i would be exempt from some classes and i could get a scholarship since i would be a minority. i heard that their clinical portion is great. so you think i should not bother with applying?
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    Has anyone else checked out NCCU lately? I had looked into them in the past, but after seeing their pass rate from a few years ago, I wasn't impressed. Does anyone have any positive information about their program?
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    Hello everyone!
    I am a junior nursing student at nccu. To answer a earlier post, yes you do have to take bridge courses before getting accepted into the program. You take them your spring semester of sophomore year. The bridge courses are patho, health assessment, fundamentals of nursing, and micro ( unless you took micro as part of your prereqs like I did). I found health assessment and fundamentals to be rather easy classes, but the patho was very difficult for myself and most of my classmates. But it is possible to pass, just study hard! I have enjoyed the program so far, and most instructors have been very willing to help me succeed. Another plus is that they are currently building a new nursing building which will have all up to date equipment, which will aide in our success even more. LEt me know if there Are any more questions You want me to answer. Good luck!
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    Hello Gardnerg729

    I start in the January 2011 and have to pull teeth just to get this far. If you don't mind will you send me a message to my inbox. I need all the help that I can get. So, if you don't mind chatting with me please contact me.
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