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NCBON "NCLEX Matching" ?

  1. 0 I'm waiting for my ATT and when I check my exam status online everything has been received except for "NCLEX Matching" where you confirm that your name and DOB match between your application to the board and pearson registration. Will I not receive my ATT until that matching shows up as received. I don't understand what I need to do. I emailed the board but nobody replied. My transcript was just updated to received on Friday so maybe I'll get my ATT this week. Has anyone else from out of state been through this process with the NCBON?
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    I know how you feel, I believe you registered with Pearson Vue, so Im not sure what else the NCLEX matching is. I finally got my ATT via email after I emailed them and literally pleaded with them to help me out. Once your status says "received" for all the documents after 10 days, it takes an additional 5 business days before they send the ATT.
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    Okay, so did your "NCLEX Matching" thing still say "not received" when you got your ATT email?
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    My transcript was just updated to "received" on Friday so does that mean 5 business days from then I should get an ATT
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    Yea I believe so. Everything was changed to "received" on Monday 6/3, then I emailed on Thursday 6/6 and got my ATT on Friday 6/7. So its hard to say if I got it because I emailed them or because the 5 business days was up.
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    I just emailed them last night for the second time and got my ATT this morning! So maybe you really need to bug them to get things done. Ridiculous
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    oh awesome!!! it is crazy but now you can focus and study