NC Baptist Funding for WSSU Accelerated BSN

  1. 0 Has anyone heard any news if they were selected to get funded by NC baptist Hospital? I am so axious to find out and I was wondering if I was the only impatient one....
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    Hi!! Well apparently I cannot reply to private msg yet because I don't quite have 15 replies (strange, but okay). I haven't heard anything yet and I'm dying!!! She did say it should be this week so let's keep our fingers crossed!!
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    Oh good she told me decisions would be made by this week too. I was just checking to see if anyone got notified early. Well I guess we will just sit tight for another week. Best of luck to you and please keep me updated if you hear anything. I will do the same.
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    Ok, I definitely will let you know when I of luck to you as well!!
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    Hi ! Have you heard anything yet??? We haven't heard anything yet as of today. I have a friend that's been waiting too and she hasn't heard yet either. It's driving us both crazy.
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    Hi, I called her last Tuesday and she said they just finished up the interviews (later than she had hoped) and now a committee has to meet to make the decisions. She didn't specify a time frame but she did say decisions should be made soon so hopefully we will know by the end of this week at the latest. It's driving me crazy too!!!!!!!! :spin: Keep me posted if you hear something and I will do the same.

    By the way have you applied for finaid as a back up? I have and they are the worst. They never pick up their phones!!!! When ever I do get someone on the line they say nothing else is needed from me and just to keep waiting. I am getting tired of the waiting game if you ask me lol...
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    Check your email, notifications were sent out today. I am a happy camper, I was selected to receive the funding!!! What a way to end the week....Good luck and let me know if you have good news to share as well. I am cheering for you!!!
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    Woohoo, I received the funding as well!!!! CONGRATS to you!!! Looking forward to meeting you in January....I don't know about you but I feel like celebrating all weekend!
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    Hi nogames justsports,

    Have you heard anything regarding your contract? In the email it stated we should be hearing from someone regarding more info on the contract. I haven't heard anything yet so I was checking with you to see if you had any updates....
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    Hi ! did you receive the email yesterday with the attachment? Made me very nervous that it's considered a "loan" and that we still have to go through an interview to be hired after grad. But, I guess, that's to be expected. Did you say that you are going to be commuting from Charlotte??
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    I did get the email yesterday. Yes that made me a little nervous as well. I pretty much assumed we had a guaranteed job. But I will remain positive and keep saying the job is ours and it will eventually become a reality. Oh and yes I did say I would be commuting from Charlotte. What about you?
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    I agree, we have to stay positive I suppose or we'll never get through this!! Whew, you've got a haul!! I'm commuting from jamestown - about a 30 min commute at worst.
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    I believe you have to interview with a unit manager on which ever unit you've chosen to work.

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