NC Baptist Funding for WSSU Accelerated BSN - page 2

Has anyone heard any news if they were selected to get funded by NC baptist Hospital? I am so axious to find out and I was wondering if I was the only impatient one....:eek:... Read More

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    I did get the email yesterday. Yes that made me a little nervous as well. I pretty much assumed we had a guaranteed job. But I will remain positive and keep saying the job is ours and it will eventually become a reality. Oh and yes I did say I would be commuting from Charlotte. What about you?

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    I agree, we have to stay positive I suppose or we'll never get through this!! Whew, you've got a haul!! I'm commuting from jamestown - about a 30 min commute at worst.
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    I believe you have to interview with a unit manager on which ever unit you've chosen to work.

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