1. Hey there! I just found out that I got accepted to NC A&T's BSN program today. I live in CA so haven't even stepped foot on the campus to check it out yet before I decide yay or nay. What I was hoping is to hear from anyone in North Carolina on what they've heard about the program. Also, I know it's a predominantly african american school, but I am not. Obviously this does not bother me too much or else I wouldn't have applied I just hope that I am not looked down upon by my class mates because of my ethnicity.....I will be moving out of state with my family to attend this program, so a lot riding on this decision.

    Nursing schools in CA are super competetive and hard to get into and we were open to relocating if need be. This is a second career for me as well so there are no go backs as far as I'm concerned if I end up accepting admission.
    The reason I'm posting on the general NC board is b/c no one has responded to my previous posts in the nursing programs board.
    Thanks so much!
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