Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune

  1. Does anyone have experience working at Camp Lejeune Naval Hospital? I did clinical there in Nursing school but we weren't there very long. The folks on med-surg were not particularty welcoming to students but the mother/baby areas were more welcoming. I was wondering if anyone has worked there and could give some insight to the work environment there such as staff dynamics, nurse to pt ratios and scheduling patterns. Any input is greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   hotegr
    I was wondering about Naval Hospital too. I am curious as to how much a civilian, GS, new grad starts out making per hour. Anyone with insight?
  4. by   Sandwitch883RN
    Since posting this I've become employed at Naval Hospital. I've been there almost three years and really like it! I work L&D and we follow AWHONN guidelines. Nurse to pt ratios are usually very good. Like any job there are issues or bad days from time to time but overall I'm very satisfied. Our DIVO (unit manager) goes to bat for us and is very supportive. The only draw back is the huge amount of training, paperwork, and time card issues we have to deal with as nurses. However, in the grand scheme of things most days are good! The pay for this area is great for GS nurses. By far a better job than any i've had!