MSON - Charlotte Fall 2012 Hopefulls!

  1. I browsed around and didn't see a MSON- Charlotte Fall 2012 thread, so I thought I'd create one!

    Anyone else applied or planning to apply for Mercy School of Nursing for Fall 2012 acceptance??
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  3. by   amber.babiesinbloom
    I am 23 years old, married for nearly 4 years with a 2.5 year old girl and 14 month old boy.

    I'm currently finishing up all of my general education requirements at the University of SC - Lancaster and am applying for fall admission MSON. I'm hoping to
    the first semester and then apply to their accelerated program as well. I know MSON is very selective, and I'm wondering what my odds are of even getting in.... I talked to admissions today who said they have 200-300 applicants and only 30-40 spots per semester.

    Good luck to all those applying!
  4. by   nhhartmann
    I applied for the Fall 2012 night and weekend program. Still lots to do in getting transcripts and TEAS test sent to them by Feb. 1, but I'm so looking forward to hearing!

    Good luck to you, too!
    I just applied I am hoping to get a letter Feb. 15th. My Teas Scores are ok 70% and my overall GPA is not that great I think all combined I will be at about 3.0. I got a B in A&P I and still need to take the second part. I wish I knew how the point system worked. I will keep you all updated. Lets pray we get in
  6. by   Guenevere8
    Quote from amber.babiesinbloom
    I browsed around and didn't see a MSON- Charlotte Fall 2012 thread, so I thought I'd create one!

    Anyone else applied or planning to apply for Mercy School of Nursing for Fall 2012 acceptance??
    I applied to MSON for Fall of 2012... I really hope I get in, but I worry it is too competitive.. but I am praying.. Let's hope we all get in :-)
  7. by   Guenevere8
    So how did everyone do on TEAS that applied to MSON?
  8. by   nhhartmann
    Well - I took the TEAS V last week and got an 80 overall. I was very happy wtih my scores compared to national averages, but my science was really low (all science, except for the Human Body section which was 90.9; mind you, my scientific reasoning was 37 :-0) I recieved a 90 or above in Math, Reading and English.

    The national average was 64.3% and I ranked in the 88th percentile; however, I do not think these last numbers contribute toward admissions at MSON.

    I talked to admissions and she thought I would probably need a higher score on my science but will not be sure until she sees what other scores are submitted for the fall applications.

    Oh well - I'll keep hope alive and plan to retake the TEAS if I do not get in

    How about everyone else?
  9. by   Guenevere8
    I hope you get in! I am taking the TEAS next week, it is the only thing left on my application. So nervous but I have been studying and taking practice tests, which helps (I hope!!)
    Have you taken all your prerequisites (A&P 1&2, microbiology, english, etc?)
  10. by   nhhartmann
    I have Eng and A&P I completed and am currently taking A&P II and Micro. They simply have to be completed for enrollment, not application.

    Hope you did well on TEAS - it is a difficult test and the practice tests definitely help.

    Good luck!
  11. by   Guenevere8
    I have decided to go to the Jan 2013 admissions, because I just didn't have enough points
    My science was too low. I got 59 i think..
    I hope you get in!!
  12. by   cnaleslie
    Hi everyone, I am really nervous about my Teas scores, I too applied to MSON for Fall 2012, I got only a 75.3 overall, a 90 in math a 88 in reading and a 64 in science YIKES. I now have a total of 7.2 on MSON point system (that is for all the GPA, grades, pre-reqs, subtractions etc... does anyone know what their total points are at this time for the Fall 2012 admissions? Just trying to see what Im up against, praying for everyone. Good luck
    God Bless
    How does the point system work?
    Do she tell you if 7.2 was competative, I do not know how many points I got