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I browsed around and didn't see a MSON- Charlotte Fall 2012 thread, so I thought I'd create one! Anyone else applied or planning to apply for Mercy School of Nursing for Fall 2012 acceptance??... Read More

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    I got in!!!!! See can all in the fall
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    Hi everyone! I will be starting at Mercy this Fall and may be looking for a room mate when school starts. I have a 2 bedroom apartment in the Southpark area (Sharon Rd & Wendover) that is around $700 total a month with utilities, would be half that with a room mate. It is a 15-20 minute drive to the school but closer to many CMC facilities where we will probably have clinicals. PM me if you are interested!
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    Hi Sasolaka -- I would be interested in knowing more about this apartment. I can see the location on google maps, its not too far from CMC facilities, as you say, but what would be the best way to get to campus? Local roads?

    Sorry I can't PM you, its disabled on my account, apparently I don't use this forum enough to PM. but can you provide the exact name of the apartment building so I can look into it further? the rent sounds great, esp for south park area. do you have separate baths?

    I'll be in the area end of May for the registration session, I'm planning one looking at places then. maybe I can come see yours then too if you are still looking for someone.
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    ps Congratulations on your acceptance!!

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