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I browsed around and didn't see a MSON- Charlotte Fall 2012 thread, so I thought I'd create one! Anyone else applied or planning to apply for Mercy School of Nursing for Fall 2012 acceptance??... Read More

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    Congratulations Semper_Gumby!

    Have you applied anywhere else? I am still waiting to hear from CCHS and UNC but I'm not holding my breath, UNC would be a dream but Mercy was my top choice, affordable, good quality education, can't beat that.

    Are you relocating to Charlotte? I will be moving from Asheville. I'm wondering how financial assistance and what housing offers they will have.

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    Thanks! Congratulations to you too!

    I actually did not apply anywhere else, although I had several programs (including UNC) under serious consideration. I was pretty nervous about that decision! Mercy has been my dream school for several years (the increased clinical time and the educational model of diploma programs appealed to me immensely), so I am very excited! There are a couple of programs on this side of the state (Pitt CC and Wayne CC) that I would've applied to if I hadn't been accepted to Mercy, as they have later deadlines than most.

    I will be relocating to Charlotte, though I'm not sure exactly when I will do that. I plan to apply for the housing they offer (apparently CMC has housing for Mercy and CCHS students), but if that doesn't work out for some reason, I will probably be roommate-hunting on Craigslist!

    I, too, am wondering about financial assistance! I have a bachelor's degree, so I no longer qualify for Pell grants, but I hope to qualify for federal loans and (hopefully) scholarships. I plan to look for external scholarships as well.
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    Ah i see. I'm still awaiting UNC's response, but I know the value Mercy has to offer and sent in my confirmation check today. I'm so excited to start this process. I have attended small universities/colleges in the past and knew Mercy would fit right in with my experiences. And the fact that its a hospital based program brings so many benefits.

    I'm interested in finding out more about the CMC housing program too. Hopefully we'll see something soon in the packet. I'm no longer on Facebook but I'm thinking someone will start a Facebook page soon for this class. Hopefully we can all get to know one another a bit before August rolls around.

    I sent in my FAFSA already, I didn't even know that we second degree'ers do not qualify for pell grants and such. So I am willing to take out a loan, this school is relatively inexpensive compared to others, especially BSN programs. I'd rather take a loan, try to get a reimbursement and stay with CMC to finish up through my BSN. Or try to look for external scholarships as you say.

    For now I just need to enjoy this moment b.c the pain is yet to come.. haha.
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    Let me know what you find out about housing, I am really banking on it and they said I should find out about the waiting list March 2nd
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    I, too, have attended small schools since middle school and loved knowing my teachers and all my classmates. I think it's really a unique experience. Mercy was my top choice primarily because of the hospital based program! I'm a kinesthetic learner and learn best (and become more comfortable with new things) by doing them over and over, so I'm thinking & hoping the extra clinical experience will be a boon.

    I read about the Pell grant thing a while back on one of the Federal student aid sites, and just got my aid report back from FAFSA, which confirmed it. Apparently I'm also nearly maxed out on federal loans for this type program (might have something to do with the number of credit hours required for it...not really sure). I definitely want to minimize my loan debt, but I, too, am willing to take out loans for this. Any job I get as a nurse will pay more than anything I've earned since graduation! I was also thinking like you, about getting the CMC loan and possibly working there while completing the BSN.

    We have 6 months to enjoy ourselves! you said, pain!

    Seattle2Charlotte: fingers crossed for you!
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    you can consolidate your loans through federal direct loans now and it will allow you to take out more loans and after ten years of income based repayment any left over balance is forgiven... Just an option
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    I got in!!!!! See can all in the fall
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    Hi everyone! I will be starting at Mercy this Fall and may be looking for a room mate when school starts. I have a 2 bedroom apartment in the Southpark area (Sharon Rd & Wendover) that is around $700 total a month with utilities, would be half that with a room mate. It is a 15-20 minute drive to the school but closer to many CMC facilities where we will probably have clinicals. PM me if you are interested!
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    Hi Sasolaka -- I would be interested in knowing more about this apartment. I can see the location on google maps, its not too far from CMC facilities, as you say, but what would be the best way to get to campus? Local roads?

    Sorry I can't PM you, its disabled on my account, apparently I don't use this forum enough to PM. but can you provide the exact name of the apartment building so I can look into it further? the rent sounds great, esp for south park area. do you have separate baths?

    I'll be in the area end of May for the registration session, I'm planning one looking at places then. maybe I can come see yours then too if you are still looking for someone.
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    ps Congratulations on your acceptance!!

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