Mission Hospital-Asheville, NC

  1. I was wondering if anyone knows about or has worked in CVICU at Mission Hospital in NC.
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  3. by   WaynesvilleRN
    Worked in PEDS PICU PASU and NICU before...but never CVICU there....
  4. by   MtnRN
    I had a friend that worked there. She said it was very cut-throat with some of the younger nurses. Like one trying to out do the others, a lot of back-biting. I used to work at Mission also, its not whI am a former employee. I can tell you it is NOT a teaching hospital (although they would like to be) and as many of us who are "older former employees" they have been going through "letting go" of really good experienced RNs who have been with the hospital for many years by coming up with drummed up reasons to write them up ( they practice this strikes and youre out kinda thing there) note the policy states on the job descriptions " at the descretion of the manager. A few years ago, the hospital said they were going broke, and they were looking at every way to cut costs. One way we have discovered is that they have been letting go of all of us long timers and especially those of us over 40 who may cost their self insured health insurance system more money. Also we figured they were sacrificing years of expertise and experience for cheaper wages with new grads to save money. Several have been to attorneys and have tried to prove age discrimination but their legal department has their HR people cover their tracks so well with loopholes and such that it has been nearly impossible to sue them. Also it was on the local news also that they have a bad reputation for not paying or denying several workmans comp cases which were clearly their fault. There are several nurses who are now destitute as a result of this. Several unfair labor practices have been observed as well and when it is brought to their attention, youre out the door. As for getting a union in? Forget it. They even have a "Union-Free Workplace" policy on the books and send their management personnel to classes on "How to stop union activity in the workplace". I have actually seen this. Stay away if you want to keep your sanity. They may sugar coat it and make it sound all candlelight and roses. But like any one knows, you can have a beautiful bedpan, but its still full of stool in the end.

    Hope that gives you a better perspective from a longtimer of that system.
  5. by   Virlomi
    I worked on 9NSD, a cardiac stepdown floor, as an NA. Wonderful floor. Nice managers. Nice nurses. Busy pace. If there is an opening there, I'd take it.