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  1. Ok folks, don't take the title the wrong way now. I realize I'm new to the board and don't want to put any false images in anyone's mind but there's just something I need to rant about. Feel free to add anything or tell me to ****, I don't care. Maybe this does or does not fit the nurses forum, but it's how I feel at this given moment. That's all that matters to me right now and it could change in a slpit second.

    First off, let me describe my current situation. I am 24 years old and work in a very busy medical office as a lab tech. I am the only lab person and get to pretty much rule the roost. That being said, I work with about 40 other women throughout various departments. Most of these women are twice my age and have twice the experience but I swear their maturity level has to be at a second grade level. These girls are so ridiculous that they talk horribly about others and then go out to lunch with the same people that day. That's my first issue. They invite me to go and as much as I love to be social, their ignorance ****** me off. So I stay to myself. The rest of it is and someone please help me out here... Why... why can't people just mind their own business! Every time I turn around I hear something about one of my fellow co-workers doing whatever and then it's like everyone is mad at them for whatever reason. Everyone was fine until person A stuck their nose in person B's business and distorted it enough to get a rise. From what I read, this is supposed to be right up my alley, but I am just not into drama at all. I just wish that everyone would clean up their own back yard before they jump in someone else's...
    Well, I feel better now. Oh yeah, I've been reading some posts for a couple days; It;s nice to meet you all!
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