I Need Advice, I am just Starting out and nervous about the process! I Need Advice, I am just Starting out and nervous about the process! | allnurses

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I Need Advice, I am just Starting out and nervous about the process!

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    Can someone give me some advice about who to contact and how to start the process. I went to CPCC to start taking the rereqs like A&P 1 and nutrition. Do you need to take A&P 1 to do well on the TEAS? I sat down with an advisor at CPCC. He gave me information but I am still very unclear about some things. I work 9-6, so I can not go back to up to CPCC without taking a day off and they never answer the phone. Is it better to go into a complete pre-nursing program at a nursing school or is it better to do the pre-reqs at a community college like CPCC first? I am very anxious about starting and I want to be competitive. I have a B.A in another field also. I've taken chemistry and bombed it in college and i've taken intro to pysch and got a B. I know i need to take chemistry again, but even if i score an A, will they look at the F too? It has been 4 years since I was in school. Please share any advice and experiences. Thanks!
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    CPCC is a great school and very affordable. Not to mention they have online courses which makes it very convenient for those of us who work a full time job. I would definitly take my pre reqs there. Taking them at a nusing school such as cchs will guarantee your admission into their nursing program( provided you do well on them) . As for the teas, the science section is pretty tough so , if you can, you should definitely get your A& P's out of the way prior to taking it . But, you don't have to.
    Having a previous degree already makes you competitive and the majority of NC nursing schools only require HS chemistry. I 'm not sure how they will judge your application with that F, but i think You should be fine since they look at the application as a whole. Just take Chem over and do your best and get an A's in all the other remaining prereqs. Good luck