HOSPICE Salary in NC?

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    Hello everyone,

    Does anyone know what the salary rate is for a Hospice nurse here in NC. I just moved here last fall and have gained one year of RN experience which is the minimal requirement for 2 Hospice jobs I have recently applied for. However, I am afraid of getting a pay cut (I make about $26/hr with shift differential included but it's overnight shifts) at a hospital. Plus I've always wanted to be a Hospice nurse but no one would hire me as a New Grad last year until possibly now.

    Second, those that do work as a Hospice nurse here, how do you like it? My mother had a Hospice nurse when she passed away with cancer and that nurse is the reason why I went to nursing school in the first place. I always will remember her for her kindness and the care she gave to my mother. I want to be that Hospice nurse but I want to be able to afford to be that nurse too especially since my husband has not been able to find permanent work since we moved here. I must provide for my children and keep a roof over our heads as well as work in my dream job too!

    Any info would be much appreciated!

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