Hi, I'm applying to Forsyth tech P.N. program - page 2

I just took the teas test and I scored a 63.3%. My percentile rank for the program is 73. If there is anyone else out their applying to L.P.N. programs for fall of 2013 please post your scores. My school will send out... Read More

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    English 111 final grade A. PSY 150 final grade A. Sorry my typing was all jumbled up lol

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    Does the final grade for PSY 241 only count for ADN at Forsyth?
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    Yes only eng 111 psy 150 and both anatomy's count
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    I think that's 92.7 points for forsyth tech then. So yes you'll prob get in I'm guessing 90 and above will get in.
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    I should hear from DCCC a few days after March 8th *fingers crossed* !
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    I am alternate #7 for DCCC's LPN. They accept 20 students. I hope I hear from Forsyth Tech soon!
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    That's still good. Maybe you'll get into forsyth tech. We should know soon. Good luck.
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    I called Forsyth today and they are still going through ranking points. 2-6 more weeks... The wait is driving me crazy! :P
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    Thanks for the update. However they prob just told you that to appease you. We will probably hear something in the next week.
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    I got into the lpn program at forsyth tech with97 PTs!!!!!! Yea!!!!

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