Hey, Watts SON, anyone?

  1. I'm sure this has been been asked many times already, but here goes:

    I'm a student at Wake Tech, I currently only have 120 points (need 170 to apply the for nursing program, as many of you probably know), so I've decided to give Watts a go and apply.

    I'm scheduled to take the preadmission test in March.
    Those of who have gone to Wake Tech or Watts, how did you like or dislike your experience?

    I'm getting started on the personal statement already...may need some help on it, as so far it just comes off as excuses (I'm a A/B student, but received one D in English (yeah, lol, i know..terrible, but it was only b/c I was in a vehicle accident a few days before the final, and..the result was that my A went down to a D), so I'll have to incorperate that somewhere in the paper, without sounding like a slacker.

    I've worked at a nearby hospital for a little over a year now as a NA while I attend school. It's okay, hard floor and muscle aches, but I do like this job more than the 9-5s I've had, except the stress can be nerve imploding at times... I was a geology major then I switched to Physical Therapy, and now nursing...all only with a sophmore standing.

    Nursing is definitly hard, and the good ones make my day, so kudos to all of you. I don't think I could handle working in a hospital for 3 years AFTER the 2 years I'll be working there while in school, so that's my only dilemma about Watts: the very expensive tuition.

    Any reply is greatly appreciated.

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