Hello Forsyth Tech 2013 ADN Fall Applicants

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    Hi everyone. I recently applied at Forsyth Technical Community College for the 2013 Fall ADN program. I was just wondering if any other applicants would like to join me in the nerve ending waiting game of the acceptance or denial letter from the college. Anyone have any idea how long they usually take to get the letters sent out? Any comments about the Program at Forsyth Tech?

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    Yep I'm applying for lpn at forsyth tech I'm taking the teas for the second time Monday I'm really excited and can't sleep sometimes. I have 96.3 points and last year people got in with 88 PTs.
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    They will let us know within four weeks of the deadline date
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    I applied to the ADN for Fall 2013 as well. I have 170 points and am hoping that's enough. I am currently taking my last Bio so I don't have those credit points...I think the bottom they took in the Spring was around 158. Good Luck!!!
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    Has anyone heard anything? I applied for the lpn program.
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    I applied for the LPN-RN bridge program and I have not received any letter from FTCC yet.
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    I got my letter today. Lpn, I'm in!!!!!!
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    Hi! I got my acceptance letter yesterday fot the ADN program. So excited! Good luck Everyone
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    That's great congrats!!!
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    What were the ranking ranges for fall 13 adn pls?

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