GTCC Spring 2013 Evening & Weekend

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    Trying to get a feel for how competitive the program is and what others composite scores are.

    TEAS: 74
    Points: 46

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    Quote from balatro
    Trying to get a feel for how competitive the program is and what others composite scores are.

    TEAS: 74
    Points: 46
    TEAS: 80
    Points: 47
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    I made a 78 on my teas and i only have 27 points i am not really expecting to get in i am just now taking my bio but i thought i would give it a shot! but everyone i know have had like 35 points to 50 points so idk it really ranges on the charts, but i also have heard that not many ppl have passed the teas and waited to the last minute and couldnt retake so they couldnt apply
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    Yea, I tried to get a feel from Tiffany Bryant regarding the average/median composite score of accepted students and she said they stopped keeping track of it because it would change so dramatically from semester to semester.

    I've heard getting into GTCC is easier than Forsyth Tech, simply because of the sheer number of applications that Forsyth Tech receives, which the new director at Forsyth Tech says the applications for Spring are expected to break 500 for the 72 available slots.

    Anyway, we'll see - the deadline was today so we should all receive notification of our status within a week, according to Ms. Bryant.
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    Quote from balatro
    Trying to get a feel for how competitive the program is and what others composite scores are.

    TEAS: 74
    Points: 46
    This site wrecks my nerves, but I love it still somehow. I know my TEAS score wasn't the best, but I passed it with a 67 and I have 60 points.

    *keeping hope alive*

    I am not seeing many post for the 2013 hopefuls..? In fact, this is the only one that I've seen. Whats up with that..?
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    I doubt most applicants are aware of, but it's possible that most applicants are more interested in day programs and would prefer not to spend their evenings and weekends in a classroom/hospital.

    We'll see.

    Either way, I think with 60 points you'll be guaranteed a spot.
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    oh yea that is true. I just want to get in, nothing else matters
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    GTCC only takes like 40 students in the spring though, compared to Forsythe's 72, so I would think it was easier to get into Forsyth. I can bet my last dollar that Forsythe had more than 500 applicants for the Spring because there was about 200 people at the last info. session a few weeks ago and almost everyone in the room raised their hands when she asked how many people were going to be applying for the Spring. So do you guys think that GTCC doesn't get as many applicants?
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    Honestly, I don't know the number GTCC gets. I asked Tiffany Bryant and all she'd say was "It changes from semester to semester," which is the same answer she gave me regarding the accepted points range.

    I was at the FTCC Information Session that had about 170 people there - most of them for the Spring as well.

    FTCC, unfortunately, does something that GTCC doesn't -- that is, essentially anyone can apply no matter what stage they're at regarding their pre-reqs. Some applicants are applying to the ADN program having not even started, some are still taking pre-reqs, etc - obviously those not started or still taking pre-reqs have little to no chance of acceptance but FTCC still lets them apply, whereas GTCC seems to do a better job of screening people and being forthcoming with telling them, "You can still apply but I'm telling you now, you have no chance of being accepted."

    From what I gathered at the FTCC Information Session - a lot of those attending thought you applied to the program, got accepted, and then started taking A&P I & II, English, Psychology, etc since those courses are included in the 5 semester outline on the website. However, when told that they essentially needed to have all of those basic courses completed to even be considered for acceptance - there was a rather large (and loud sigh), followed by probably 50+ people getting up and walking out.

    What Martha Orr (FTCC) told me was that while they receive 500'ish applications, really only about 200 are considered "serious" in that they've completed most pre-reqs.
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    Ohhhh ok. That makes me feel a lot better. I see you've really been doing your research. I guess each school gets so many questions about the ADN program that they start to be very "general" in all their answers. They are very grey when you start to dig for too much information. I guess that's understandable because I don't like to be lead on or lead wrong.. but the whole process is just unnerving. I've been trying to keep up with this website to see if anyone can shed a little hope on anything, but nobody is really posting anything about either school for the 2013 Spring admissions. The last few years you can see where people have came and commented.. this year is dry and that bothers me too. I wonder why GTCC takes so long to let you know if you got in or not?

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