GTCC Spring 2013 Evening & Weekend - page 3

Trying to get a feel for how competitive the program is and what others composite scores are. TEAS: 74 Points: 46... Read More

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    Quote from Faith_and_Favor
    omg im so happy to hear from nyanbensmommy!! I was following so many posts from the previous semesters. I wanted to know so badly how things were going for you all. I was so excited when I received my letter but now I'm like.. oh boy.

    I have still been trying to make my decision on if I want to go to FTCC or GTCC any suggestions?
    Also is it possible to work full-time during first semester?

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    one thing i would get if i were you is a good NCLEX book like Saunders, it will help you learn how to answer questions. and utilize open lab when you can for you skills check off it will help you a lot.
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