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Trying to get a feel for how competitive the program is and what others composite scores are. TEAS: 74 Points: 46... Read More

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    At the Information Session they said they had a massive spike in applications after Obama visited and mentioned them in his State of the Union address, I think he said something to the effect of Forsyth serving as the "national model" for what he wants community colleges to be. Before that speech, they had somewhere around 200 applications for the 72 ADN spots and the LPN programs were never able to fill the 24 spots each semester. After the speech, its been 400+ each semester for the ADN and a lengthy waitlist for the LPN program.

    It would be interesting to see if GTCC has had the opposite happen, the same, or what.

    I'm not sure why it takes GTCC so long to notify. As Tiffany Bryant said, she literally enters everyone into a database, sorts it by composite score, and contacts the lucky winners (and notifies the waitlist). Seems like it should only take a couple of days.

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    I was told from GTCC on Sept 10th that notification would happen closer to the end of September or October 1st. It seems like they usually take about 3 weeks based on previous semesters.
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    Oh thanks a lot Obama, so he just made the competition real fierce. <-- poutface lol. Alrighty then I guess I will figure out what I need to do to reschedule time to retake the TEAS .

    It's funny because GTCC takes about 4 weeks in comparison to FTCC 1 week, but it equals out to be just about the same week when we hear something back.

    By now there should be some type of systematic process to get this done in a much more timely manner. Good grief! I just don't understand. SMH I just want to know what I need to do next, that's all. This is my first time applying and I'm really nervous. I've been financing myself through college for the past 5 years, this has been an uphill batttle for me, but I've pushed through, so now I'm like ..... hello??? what now???

    I know I know I just have to suck it up and be patient like everyone else. I guess I would rather have them take their precious time and do it efficiently, then them tear someone's hopes and dreams apart due to minor mistakes. *shrugs*

    Patience is a virtue right?

    *going to check mailbox*


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    I got my acceptance packet today!!!!
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    Waitlisted myself but not too surprising.
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    OMG Congrats Alicia!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Balatro.. I am surprised, with your TEAS scores and all.

    Lets keep our fingers and toes crossed for Forsyth.

    I haven't heard anything....scarey
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    I got in!!!
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    Congratulations Faith_and_Favor

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