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Trying to get a feel for how competitive the program is and what others composite scores are. TEAS: 74 Points: 46... Read More

  1. by   Faith_and_Favor
    Oh thanks a lot Obama, so he just made the competition real fierce. <-- poutface lol. Alrighty then I guess I will figure out what I need to do to reschedule time to retake the TEAS .

    It's funny because GTCC takes about 4 weeks in comparison to FTCC 1 week, but it equals out to be just about the same week when we hear something back.

    By now there should be some type of systematic process to get this done in a much more timely manner. Good grief! I just don't understand. SMH I just want to know what I need to do next, that's all. This is my first time applying and I'm really nervous. I've been financing myself through college for the past 5 years, this has been an uphill batttle for me, but I've pushed through, so now I'm like ..... hello??? what now???

    I know I know I just have to suck it up and be patient like everyone else. I guess I would rather have them take their precious time and do it efficiently, then them tear someone's hopes and dreams apart due to minor mistakes. *shrugs*

    Patience is a virtue right?

    *going to check mailbox*


  2. by   Alisha003
    I got my acceptance packet today!!!!
  3. by   balatro
    Waitlisted myself but not too surprising.
  4. by   Faith_and_Favor
    OMG Congrats Alicia!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Balatro.. I am surprised, with your TEAS scores and all.

    Lets keep our fingers and toes crossed for Forsyth.

    I haven't heard anything....scarey
  5. by   Faith_and_Favor
  6. by   Faith_and_Favor
    I got in!!!
  7. by   Alisha003
    Congratulations Faith_and_Favor
  8. by   Faith_and_Favor
    Thank You
  9. by   Faith_and_Favor
    Balatro whats ur alternate # because I know 2 people who may not be taking their seats at GTCC. If they don't that'll make you at least 2 seats closer. Hang in there!!
  10. by   nyanbensmommy1
    Congrats to all who recieved that lovely acceptance letter.

    You are going to be thoroughly confused during orientation and honeslty throughout all of 111, but you will learn alot in a short amount of time so hold on to your pants, this program is hard, it will take up the majority of your time because of studying, but once you learn how to study you should be fine. and remember it will be worth it in the end.
  11. by   jnblackwell
    I got alternate # 19 I hope i get in later!! a lot of ppl have told me that i have a good chance seeing as most ppl want to go to forsyth or dccc. does anyone knows of anyone that have given up their seats yet?
  12. by   Faith_and_Favor
    omg im so happy to hear from nyanbensmommy!! I was following so many posts from the previous semesters. I wanted to know so badly how things were going for you all. I was so excited when I received my letter but now I'm like.. oh boy.

    I have still been trying to make my decision on if I want to go to FTCC or GTCC any suggestions?
    Also is it possible to work full-time during first semester?

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  13. by   maoldha
    I have just declined my seat for GTCC, so everyone is one number closer :-)